Friday, February 11, 2011

Miracle Drug & Matthew West..

FYI: You may want to turn my blog page music off to avoid a clash of sounds!

First, I took Kinsley Anne to the pulmonologist yesterday & was so glad I did. By the time I picked her up at daycare she was pretty much constantly coughing & you could hear her breathing from a mile away. I also felt like she was breathing hard, as evidenced by her mild retractions (pulling in right above the belly to get more air). The pulmonologist asked me what's been going on and he said to the respiratory therapists that he wanted a flu & RSV test, saline & suction, & breathing treatment. So, poor Kinsley endured all of the above with lots of screaming & tears, but she felt SO much better afterward. She did not cough for 2.5 hours after her Xopenex treatment....a true miracle!! :) We, again, gave her a treatment at 10pm because her coughing started to get bad again & she slept through the night & when I left for work this AM, she was still sound asleep. She was so happy to be able to breathe again, I'm sure!! The RSV & flu came back negative, thankfully, so she has bronchiolitis but we're not sure why. It goes to show you that mama's always need to listen to their instincts. If you think your child is sick, fight to get something done! Thanks for your prayers & we are just so happy that she is on the mend.

And I will leave you with this treasure to listen to..I am kind of obsessed with this song.

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KLee said...

Emma had her first go of bronchiolitis when she was 11 months old. (Well, maybe younger). We had been on two rounds of abx without relief of the cough. At the next appt she with diagnosed and we did a breathing tx in the office. It was awesome! She usually got it after every cold she had. Hopefully this is a one time thing with your preciousness!!