Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day, Fun Day!

First of all, Kinsley Anne is feeling a little bit better. Thank you for your thoughts & prayers! It sure is hard to see your child not feel well. Especially when she can't even tell you what's wrong. She is still congested & coughing but is no longer running fever. Tylenol did the trick & she slept almost all day Saturday. I had to rinse her eye out with saline today (which she hated every last minute of) because crud had gotten into it & made it all red, puffy, and just generally angry looking. Hopefully, she will continue to feel better!!

Last night, the decision was made to close our office for today. With all of the snow that they were calling for, it just wasn't worth risking it. Bright & early this AM, the snow started falling & we now have ~8 inches on the ground. It is gorgeous!! They are expecting between 2-4 more inches today & it has also begun sleeting. We are in for a mess the rest of the week.

I'm just not sure if I will ever outgrow the joy of a snow day! ...probably not!!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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