Wednesday, January 26, 2011

newest Kinsley update... & a pearl of wisdom!

Kinsley Anne @ birth:

weight - 7# 3oz

height - 20in

Kinsley Anne @ 1 month:

weight - 8# 3oz
height - ?

Kinsley Anne @ 2 months:

weight - 10# 9oz

height - 21.5in

Kinsley Anne @ 3 months:

weight - 11# 13oz
height - 23.5in

Can you see what I'm getting at? This girl is growing like a weed!!! We had to make a trip to the pediatrician on Monday afternoon due to her tongue looking like a field of white mushrooms. She has thrush. We started Nystatin Monday night & as of this morning, I am already seeing improvement. She also has a lot of "junk" in her left eye and I'm hoping it's only the tail-end of her viral illness and not the start of conjunctivitis. However, the doc gave me a sample of antibacterial eye drops...just in case. Thank you Dr. S, I greatly appreciate you not making us come back!

We also had a planned follow-up appointment at the pulmonologist on Monday afternoon. We had already discussed her CT scan but he wanted to see her & check on her again. Her O2 Sat was 100%! Seeing that on the monitor, never gets old. He thought she looked & sounded great and we have formulated a new plan if things continue going well:
-See her again in 3 months for routine followup
-See her again 6 months later for routine followup (she'll be a 1 year old!!)
-Start seeing her yearly.
-At age 5, she will begin yearly Pulmonary Function Testing (PFTs) to check her lung function.
-Continue with yearly chest XRays (CXRs) to monitor her lung growth
-Only do another CT chest if she has a problem because of the major amts of radiation that exposes her to.
*This all makes for one very happy mama!

Now, onto the story that leaves me with a very important pearl of wisdom for all women, but especially newlyweds for the sake of keeping your marriage intact. Monday night, after what you can tell was a somewhat hectic day (as evidenced by more than 1 Kinsley Anne appointment), I decided to have supper ready & on the table when Kyle got home. After all, I went and bought a Bumbo after her appointments (which she now loves) so she was happily seated on the counter, giving me more freedom to cook. I needed to ground some beef for our meal, so I did just that. I needed to drain the grease, so I did just that.....into the sink.....I always do this....with hot running water....but I forgot the water part that forward....I went to clean up after supper & the water kept backing up in the sink. Kyle asked if I poured anything down it. I told him the truth (duh) & his face was priceless. He got an entire bottle of Draino and poured it down both drains (we have a double sink & both sides were obviously backing up). Nothing happened and nothing happened and still nothing happened.. Then, Draino started leaking out from under the sink. For no apparent reason other than it was a "bad connection." We averted that crisis when I decided that there was no choice other than to take the "U" shaped pipe off from under the sink. I put a disposable turkey-sized pan under the sink & Kyle went ahead and took the piece off. That's when the story gets worse...He got Draino on his cut up hands (from yard work this past weekend) and man, I imagine from the things he said that it burned! He then stands up quickly, puts the sink on full blast, and yells, "Jen, pour vinegar on my hands!" So, not understanding, I do just that....until I realize "KYLE! The sink is still apart!" It was too late.. Water was everywhere, Draino included. However, we were able to get the 6 inch chunk of glued up grease out of the pipe! We used LOTS of towels,paper towels, etc and finally got things back together & cleaned up. There went our plan to be in bed at 8pm. Yea, go ahead and laugh..we actually wanted to get some sleep & it didn't really happen. So, there you have it. All of you single ladies, engaged ladies, and newly wedded women, please take my advice. DO NOT PUT GREASE DOWN THE SINK...EVER! Kyle's favorite part was when I said, "So I guess that's why my parents have jars under their sink where they pour their grease." Kyle probably could have slapped me & I wouldn't have even been mad...except he would never do such a thing! :)

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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KLee said...

So funny! Well, I am sure not at the time for you! Glad that Kinsley is growing so well and her lungs look great!
We use an old laundry detergent bottle for our grease. It holds a lot! What did you make for dinner?