Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kinsley Anne @ 3 months..

It is hard for me to even begin to describe how in love I am with this little girl who entered our lives 3 months ago as of yesterday. I looked at my husband last night and said, "isn't it strange how one moment she's not here & the next you are just so in love?" It is strange..but it's a parent's love. And nobody but a parent can begin to understand. I am not beginning to know why my mom still, at the age of 23, looked at me while I layed in the hospital bed in 2009 and said "Jen, if I could take your place, I would in a heartbeat." Prior to October, I thought those were just things moms said. But now I know that my mom and every mom out there whole-heartedly means those words.

Now, without further ado, here is what you are doing at 3 months of age, Kinsley Anne..
-You are wearing size 1-2 Pampers swaddlers.

-You vary widely in clothing size. The Carter's 3 months size is getting too small on you. Several 3 month pants of various brands are too short. Most 3 month onesies generally fit. However, 3-6month clothes or 6 months are frequently too big or long. We're back to the in-between stage again.

-You almost never keep your socks on! Your Nonie (daddy's mama) bought you some cuffed socks last the longest but you eventually still manage to get them off.

-You don't seem to mind all of the bows/flowers/headbands that I put on you except when you're upset, you sometimes pull them down on your face (which makes you even more mad).

-You still love car rides and frequently stay awake during them now.

-You dislike laying horizontally while awake. You think you are a big girl & always want to sit upright so that you can see what's going on around you. You are just a bit nosy.

-You will typically not fall asleep if there's a lot going on around you unless you are just exhausted, but once you do fall asleep, a freight train could drive by you and you probably wouldn't wake up.

-You love warm water. Baths or showers make you so happy & wide-eyed.

-When you nap, if we lay a blanket on you, you will take your hands and put them daintily on top of the blanket. You just don't like those hands covered up!

-You are like a houdini with the swaddle blanket & most nights figure out a way to get 1 or both hands/arms up by your face. I guess that is soothing to you.

-You usually take at least 1 good nap mid or late morning & 1 good nap in the late afternoon/evening. Otherwise you take little power naps that last 10-15 minutes.

-Over the last several weeks, you have just been getting up once per night. Anywhere from 2:30-4am to eat a snack, then you go back to sleep. However, last night, in celebration of your 3 month birthday, you slept until 6:15am!!!! This makes for a very happy mommy who only hopes to continue that trend!

-You are still sleeping in the pack n play, located in the family room that's outside of our master bedroom. This helps your mom & dad sleep through the "little" noises that you make but we can still hear you if you cry. However, if you continue sleeping through the night, you will find yourself sleeping in the crib in your room soon!

-You had your first real illness 1.5 weeks ago and we hated each and every moment of it. You looked pitiful & just wanted to cuddle with us 24/7. Of course, that's what we did!

-You started daycare January 3rd. You seem to really like the hustle & bustle. You sit in the bouncy seat each morning when I leave, just smiling at anyone who pays you an ounce of attention.

-You love your bouncy. Nonie has a baby rocking chair that vibrates and you love that as well. The swing lulls you to sleep so soundly for naps.

Sweet girl Kinsley Anne, our lives are so incredibly rich with you in it. I don't go a single day without thanking God for putting you in our life. We are so lucky to be your parents. You really are such a good baby & we love being your mom & dad. I love you more every day & am excited to see how you continue to change. However, some days I wish there was a pause button so that I could enjoy your sweet little self just a little bit more.
We love you to the moon & back, Mama & Daddy

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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