Monday, January 3, 2011

CT report

My sweet girl the day after her CT scan..with her little IV pokes covered up :(

If you were unaware that Kinsley was having a repeat CT scan of her lung, check this post out first. Luckily, I have the benefit of working alongside her pediatric pulmonologist (his office is in the same building, on the same floor as our pediatric neurology office). So, first thing this AM, I went over there to give the respiratory therapist a head's up that her CT was done at we were just waiting on results (hint, hint). At lunch, I hadn't heard anything, so I just so happened to find myself over there again. She said that Dr. E had come to see me but I was in seeing a patient. When I left at 2pm to go make rounds on patients at the hospital, I still hadn't heard. I kept praying/begging God to give me peace & to let him handle the situation. I was seriously struggling with not having any control over the results and the "not knowing." Well, at 4:45pm, when I was leaving the hospital, I got a phone call....

Dr. E explained that
{a} the cysts are almost all the way GONE! He thinks that these were a compensatory mechanism meaning that those cysts were a way of holding extra air since the lung is tiny. What fabulous news!
{b} the left lung has grown some! Still small, but it's making progress. It should continue growing until 6yrs of age. What fantastic news!
{c} they think they know the cause for her hypoplastic left lung (aka small lung). Her left pulmonary artery seems narrow. Although not good news that it is narrow, at least we have some kind of explanation for her lung issue.
{d} some of her smaller airways may be a little smaller than normal. She may be at risk for bronchitis. We can handle that.
{c} she may be at risk for scoliosis. Since the right lung is significantly larger than the right, this could cause her spine to curve some. We can also handle this.

All in all, GREAT NEWS! Thank you all for your diligence in praying for my family & specifically, my sweet girl. God is so good!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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