Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blogging Mentor Program

Krysten at After 'I Do' had a great idea...which is probably one of the reasons why she has 600+ followers. She has set up a blogger mentor program. Basically the idea stemmed from the sorority big sister/little sister program where a "veteran" blogger is hooked up to mentor a "novice" blogger. You could take this many different ways. You could keep it strictly blog-related for advice, etc or you could become great new bloggy-world friends! You can send each other gifts for the holidays, each other's birthdays, just because, etc. Head over to sign up if you are either a veteran blogger with advice to share, or like me, consider yourself a novice & would love a little input on how to spice up your blogging life. It's super simple.

And if I have time when I get home, I want to post some before & after editing pictures that I think are pretty neat from my new camera & photo editing software! So forgive me if I post twice today!!! :) Hope you're all having a great "hump day!" Aren't weeks after a long weekend so much harder?

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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Ally said...

What a fun and neat idea!!!!! :)