Sunday, December 12, 2010

weekend recap

Is it the work week already???

Friday, I got a phone call from Kyle saying that Kinsley Anne was acting like "a demon." She wouldn't stop crying for anything & he was getting her in the car to drive. Where? Anywhere. He didn't know what else to do..she was dry, she was fed, she had been given gas drops, and she was still crying. So, as soon as I got done seeing my patients, I let him know that I was on my way to help. I got home as he was pulling back into the driveway and as soon as he brought her in the house, she was wailing. Kyle said that she would get quiet when he was driving, but as soon as the car came to a stop at a red light, she freaked out again. I picked her up, swaddled her, and cuddled her close to me, and temporarily she calmed down. She slept for about an hour, woke up, & she nursed. After she ate, she again, starting crying inconsolably. I walked around, put her in the swing, put her in the bouncy, tried her in different positions while I held her..but nothing was working. I gave her gas drops again & that didn't do the trick. So at 3:55pm, I decided to call the pediatrician before they closed. I got an appointment at 4:40pm (their last slot for Friday) and off we went. On my way, I called her pulmonologist & asked what I needed to be looking for since she seemed like she was in pain. He said to have them hook her up to an O2 saturation monitor & listen to her breath sounds. If both were good, he didn't think it was pulm related. If one was abnormal, he told me to request a Chest XRay. She cried the entire visit and the doctor said she had "beautiful ears" (aka no ear infections), no ulcers or redness in her mouth/throat, her belly felt soft, she had very mild congestion in her nose, but nothing else. Because of her lung "anomaly" and how incredibly upset she was, she asked if we minded getting labs done to insure that there was no underlying bacterial infection going on. Of course we didn't mind since we wanted to figure out what was going on. However, because it was past 5 at this point, the lab was closed at the office. So, we had to go to the hospital. I drove her over there & registered her as an outpatient. The computers were down and since she had never in the hospital as anything other than "baby girl settle," it was really fun trying to figure out how to get her registered. The lab techs were really nice (& good) and stuck her tiny little foot. She's a good bleeder, so we got plenty of blood on the first stick. We then hung out in the hospital (as instructed by the pediatrician) for results in case we needed to head to the peds ER for further testing. About an hour later, the doctor called & basically said that her white blood cell count was slightly low (possibly viral infection) but otherwise, things looked good. So, home we went. That night, she stopped crying but didn't eat much. She ate 2 ounces at 7pm, 1 ounce at midnight, nursed twice the next morning - each for only about 5 minutes, and then went until 6pm without eating anything else. The doctor called to check on her Saturday morning and told me to offer her breast/bottle more frequently since she wasn't wanting to eat well. She cried off & on and honestly had me really concerned because her urine output started to decrease, but after she ate Saturday evening, things started turning around. She had started to look somewhat pale & her eyes were just pitifully exhausted looking. She ate very well Saturday night and today, we have a new baby. She is SO content, looking around, picking her head up, cooing a little, etc. Our Kinsley Anne is back!! She's making her mama and daddy very happy. Her pees & poops are back to normal and I couldn't be happier. I think we forgot how lucky we are to have a good baby but we now have realized that. She normally is only fussy when she is hungry or has gas. Whatever little bug she had on Friday really did a number on her.

I also have a little bit of the crud which stinks. I have some congestion & cough but am not feeling too terrible. Hopefully we can avoid her getting any of my "stuff." I wash my hands about a bazillion times/day but I am going to have to be super careful about changing clothes when I get home before holding her, etc.

Saturday, Kinsley stayed with Kyle's all afternoon/evening so that Kyle and I could run to the mall & we also had a wedding to go to. Cara, a nursing assistant at work got married & she was a beautiful bride!! We are all so happy for her & hope that they have a wonderful and safe honeymoon in Mexico. I forgot my camera, so of course, I have no pictures to post.

Today was basically a catch-up day for sleep. We didn't actually get out of bed (other than to tend to KA intermittently) until after noon. Then, we put a Lifetime Christmas movie on & Kinsley Anne and I fell back asleep. Finally, I got up and moving and took KA to Target with me to do some Christmas stocking shopping & to get more breast milk storage bottles. Kyle made pecan pie & chocolate oatmeal cookies and then we hung out at his parents house tonight for a little while.

Tomorrow, our sweet girl is 8 weeks old!!! A post on that soon.

How was your weekend? I hope that it wasn't as eventful as mine!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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