Monday, December 13, 2010

Kinsley Anne @ 8 weeks..

Kinsley Anne is 8 weeks old today.
Kinsley, here is what you have been doing this month:

-You are wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothing. Your 3 month footed sleepers are still slightly too big & you manage to pull your foot up out of the footed part & wedge both feet in one leg hole. Ouch!

-You got weighed Friday and were 9#10.5oz!!

-You are still getting exclusively breastmilk, but get it through a bottle while I'm at work & also at nighttime. I usually only breastfeed you 1-2 feedings between work & bed & still love that time together with you.

-You sleep in the pack 'n' play just outside our room. Mama & Daddy were hearing all of your little moans, groans, and squeaks and decided we weren't getting very good sleep because of it. Now, we only hear you when you cry. You have steadily been sleeping 5-6hr stretches at night now. If we put you down at 11, you sleep til 5am. If we put you down at midnight, you sleep until 6am. We really hope we can squeeze out another hour soon!!

-Your nighttime routine goes like this: play/read/watch TV with mama & daddy, start to get fussy, mama gets in the shower & washes, daddy brings you to the shower & you get into the shower with mama. Wash & relax in the shower. Get out, dry off, eat a bottle (usually 6+oz), get sleepy, get put in your swaddle blanket, get put down in the pack n play.

-You LOVE baths & showers!!!! It doesn't matter if the water splashes your face or not. You could be screaming your little head off & when that warm water hits you, you just get wide-eyed and quiet. I was a little nervous about washing you in the shower the 1st time but it is way faster for me to do it this way & you love it.

-You are so alert now! You are not the best napper in the world. You usually get at least one good nap each day, but during the rest of your naps you still make little noises & move around a bit.

-When you're awake, you really work to pick your head up & look at who's holding you.

-You have started tracking people's movement a little bit. Daddy was calling your name in front of you last night & when he moved back and forth from one side of you to the other, you followed him! I think that made him (and me!) very happy!!!

-You are a very good baby. You typically don't cry unless you are hungry or hurting. You still have some bouts of gas but in the last week, it has gotten a little better. We give you infant gas drops as needed & it seems to work well. When we put the medicine in your mouth, you evidently think it tastes great because you stop crying and smack your lips together.

-The dogs still adore you. As soon as they come in the house, they have to go find you. They sniff the swing, the bouncy, the car seat, etc until they find where you are. They, like us though, have learned to sleep through most of your noises.

-You have lots of hair in the back of your head and your hair is growing in slowly but surely everywhere else. It seems like it will be thick and blonde. It already even has a little curl to it. The PA that saw you on Friday said that you have a "beautiful moo-lay" (aka mullet). We love you & your beautiful mullet.

-You like your bouncy seat & sometimes this helps if your belly is hurting you. You like your swing for naps.

-You are still mesmerized by bright lights & fans.

-You are a strong little girl. Your grip is quite tight.

-You love riding in the car but have only had to use that tactic once for when you weren't feeling well.

-I learned a new kind of hurt on Friday when you weren't feeling well. I felt hopeless & cried on the way to the pediatrician's office while you cried because there was nothing I could do. I know you are bound to get sick from time-to-time but I don't like it and hope that you are a very healthy little girl so that your mama doesn't have to feel broken hearted often.

-You're only supposed to be 2.5 weeks old but are thankful for the amazing 8 weeks you have been in our lives.

-You have taught me so much in these 8 very short weeks. You have taught me a love I never knew possible. You have shown me pure joy & true happiness. I wish only the best things for you - that you may grow up to be a strong, healthy, happy, & loving young lady. But in the meantime, I am going to enjoy every single moment of being able to hold your 9lb body, provide for your needs, & shower you with unending love & affection. We love you always & forever, to the moon & back.

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