Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review

To all of my loyal blog followers, both "official" & unofficial..thank you. I appreciate your kind comments, no matter how rare or frequent you make them. I have been told many times by people who aren't even listed as "followers" that they love reading my blog. This motivates me to keep writing more than you'll even know. This blog has helped me through my UC flareup (2009), pregnancy, and of course Kinsley Anne's NICU ride & continued health concerns. It not only helps me keep family & friends in the loop, but allows me to connect with new friends! I am so very grateful for the new blessings & challenges that 2010 brought us and look forward to 2011 with hope for a new, healthy, & lively year.

Here is Our 2010 in Review...
  • We saw two pink lines. We found out it was a little girl. We named her Kinsley Anne. We thought she may have a club foot. We went to high risk OB & were told our little darling was perfect. We experienced a very unexpected, long, drawn out labor process, ultimately resulting in a beautiful little girl almost 5 weeks premature. We found out that our sweet little girl would be spending some time in the NICU. We rode the NICU roller coaster for 5 long days, finding out along the way that Kinsley Anne's left lung was very underdeveloped. We continue with doctor's appointments & are continually amazed at Kinsley Anne's strength & resiliance. We spent our first Thanksgiving & Christmas as a family of 3. We repeated her CT scan & wait for results...
  • I lost a very good high school friend, Nate Henn but heaven gained one heck of an angel!
  • It snowed on Christmas Day for the first time in SC in 47 years.
  • Kyle had appendicitis, requiring an emergency appendectomy. Turns out I was pregnant at the time & I'm sure 23hrs of no sleep didn't help my exhaustion. Oh well, anything for my Kyle!!
  • Bowen went to his first hunt test & passed with a Prize 1, 110. (Highest score is a prize 1, 112)!! We were and continue to be very proud of him. He has been a great big brother to Kinsley & his biological little sister Avery.
  • We gained another four legged child, Avery. She is a puppy out of the same parents that Bowen is from. They are 1.5 yrs apart & have turned out to be best buds although polar opposites. Avery is also good with Kinsley. She loves to shower her with kisses at any given opportunity.
  • We have spent a good bit of time with my family this year which is always wonderful! Because of my pregnancy, I got to see my parents in July for my DE baby shower, July/August for my parents vacation, August for a cousin's bar mitzvah, October for Kinsley Anne's birth, November for Thanksgiving, & December for Christmas. I got to see my sister a lot as well!!
I will post tomorrow about Kinsley Anne's CT scan yesterday. It was quite an eventful process but ultimately, things worked out the way I believe they were meant to. Keep us in your prayers as we hope to find out the results on Monday.

Until Next YEAR...
Love, Jen

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