Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 Month Birthday!

Today is Kinsley Anne's 2 month birthday!! She weighs approximately 10lbs & is such a joy in our lives. She is learning to smile (& does most of it in the morning when she's wide awake), talks a little (a lot of "ahhs"), & has pretty good head strength.

Yesterday, I got up & went to work to find out I had NO patients scheduled. Not good financially, but great for my family because I got to come home earlier than normal (after fighting with Medicaid and working on some patient phone calls) & Kyle, Kinsley Anne, and I went out to eat. We also had a Sunday School party where we all went to eat at Caro-Mi in Tryon, NC & then came back to our "teacher's" house to do a Chinese auction gift exchange & of course we had dessert.
Daddy (Kyle) & Kinsley Anne
Mama & Kinsley Anne
..please note her adorable pink baby Uggs!

Today (on her birthday), we were wayyy lazy! Kinsley slept until 630am, ate, slept until 9, ate, then we all cuddled in bed until 11:30! It was wonderful & just what we all needed. We then ate lunch & got a few more Christmas pictures taken of Kinsley Anne (will post soon). We came home, ate some delicious chicken pot pie, straightened up, and put on Charlie St. Cloud (which is currently finishing up)...very good movie & I even got some gift wrapping done while watching!!

Kinsley Anne has her 2 month checkup & will get her 1st round of shots on Tuesday. Pray for her...and of course, her mommy!!!! I'm pretty sure it will hurt me more to watch than it will hurt her! More updates to come soon. I hope ya'll are having a wonderful weekend!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

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