Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Is it already Tuesday again?! Time is flying by around here. I guess that means I'm having lots of fun, which is true! Tuesday means that Taylor at The Undomestic Momma is hosting Top 2 Tuesday.

This week's topic is: Top 2 Cleaning & Organizing Tips or Tricks

{1} As my family knows, I am anything but an organizational or neat freak. However, in my closet, I have gotten a little type-A about organization. My hanging tops are all hung by several categories. First are tank tops, then short sleeve, then 3/4 sleeve, then long sleeve/sweater. Then, within those categories, they are hung by rainbow colors. ROYGBIV - Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purples, whites, greys, blacks. This makes it easier for me to pick out clothes. If I know I am looking for a red top, then voila, my choices are narrowed down. My husband thinks I'm crazy & I'm honestly not sure where this little quirk came from, but it works well for me.

{2} The 2nd thing is really something I can't take credit for...it's my husband's smarts! For organization of bills & what needs to be paid/mailed when, we have a neat little desktop organizer that has slots that are numbered 1-31. Then, you can write a check, slip it into a slot, along with its coordinating bill & envelope, and know when it needs to be paid. You can either decide to put the bill in the date when it's due or the date when it needs to be mailed. Just as long as you understand your own system, it works great! :) We have the below organizer, which can be found at Target.

What are your cleaning/organizational tips? I look forward to reading them!!

Until Next Time...
Love, Jen


Aimee @ Life As An Oakes said...

We have the same exact bill file (but in white) and it works great for us too!

allie-mac-fallie said...

i love your mailing system... we have a problem with always loosing our bills!

and i organize my closet that way too :) fun!