Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Once again, it's time for Top 2 Tuesday! Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma hosts this each week. If you haven't joined in before, you should try it out!

This weeks topic: Top 2 Favorite Jobs You've Had

1) Mommy & Wife. I will combine these so that I don't completely cheese up this whole post. I absolutely love having this little girl completely depend on me (and Kyle). I mean, even her meals are mine to serve up! I could cuddle her & kiss her all day long. I also enjoy being wife to Kyle. I love having someone who I can fully trust & depend on...as before Kyle, I was quite the independent girl.

2) Pediatric neurology nurse practitioner. This is my current job & I really do love it! I knew coming out of grad school that my preference was to work in a pediatric specialty but I had no idea which one. This job fell into place & I haven't turned back. I work both outpatient & inpatient. Our office is part of a large hospital system. There are 4 pediatric neurologists, myself, 2 nurses, 2 nursing assistants, 2 EEG technicians, multiple schedulers, but we are one big happy family. All of these people that I work with are awesome. The hours are great, I don't have to take call, and I love working with kids. I am one very happy employee.

In other news, Kinsley Anne is doing great! Thank you for all of your many prayers. She went to the pediatrician yesterday for another weight check and weighed 8lbs, 3 ounces!!!! The doctor asked what she was eating & was a little surprised to hear that she is getting exclusively breastmilk. That means she gained 1lb, 3 oz in 2 weeks!!!!!! What wonderful news. The reason we are getting so excited about her weight gain is that if she were having to work too hard breathing, she would be burning extra calories, therefore not allowing her to gain. This obviously doesn't seem to be the case. We have not had any breathing concerns, thank God!

Any moms out there have suggestions for a baby that seems to get painful gas frequently, not necessarily associated with any particular foods I am eating? She'll just wake up randomly, cry horribly for a few seconds up to about a minute, pass gas, then go back to sleep. Occasionally, I'll have to reposition her & rub her back to help her out. As mentioned above, she is exclusively getting breastmilk - nursing during the day, pumped milk in Tommee Tippee bottles at night. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!

Until Next Time...
Love, Jen

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