Monday, October 18, 2010


As an update to this post, I ended up not progressing past 3cm after 12 hours of good contractions that came every 2-5 minutes apart. I went home after some Stadol and rest & just hung out. My awesome big sister came up Saturday afternoon from Atlanta to pick up my spirits. We went to Niven's Apple Farm where I picked out a pumpkin. We ate some yummy italian & then went home and watched a marathon of Lockup on MSNBC. Sunday (yesterday) started out uneventfully with more relaxing at home with Kyle & my sister. Eventually we went to lunch & then my sister headed back to Atlanta and Kyle & I headed to do errands. During our errands, I noticed that my contractions were making me stop walking & breathe calmly. Nothing horrid, but definitely stronger. We eventually went home & I laid on the couch to watch a movie (Letters to God...soooo good!!!! but a definite tearjerker). By 8pm, I started crying. The pain was really intense. I tried walking, squatting, sitting in the bathtub of really warm water, listening to my ipod, laying on my left side...anything I could think of. It wasn't working & I lost focus. At about 11, I called the nurse on call. I didn't get an answer. Kyle & I quickly packed, he took a shower, and we headed to the hospital. I got to triage & the nurse had seen me on Friday night walking the halls. Her words were, "this is different. you weren't in this kind of pain when I saw you then." I quickly agreed and she checked me..I was the magic 4cm & "thin, thin, thin." I was whisked away to Labor & Delivery where I got my labs drawn, IV started, monitors on, and about an hour later, I was getting my epidural. Let me tell you....AMAZING!!!!!!! I can almost hear the choir of angels singing "ahhh." :) Since then, I have dozed off, listened to my ipod, done my makeup, watched tv, and learned what it is like to have your water break. Yes, mine broke on it's own at about 4:15am. About 8am, the OB came in (same OB who discharged me Saturday) and said that my contractions had slowed way down & because my water broke, they would be starting Pitocin. The contractions are now picking back up, although I really just occasionally feel a tightening feeling. My nurse (who is the mom of a girl who I went to nursing school with) is guessing that our sweet baby will be here around lunchtime.

Please say prayers for all of us. That the rest of this delivery would go smoothly. But most of all, please remember that Kinsley Anne is 35weeks, 4 days. This means that she is premature & I have been reminded by the doctor that she could sail through delivery & her first breaths without a problem or she could have complications and require a NICU stay. Please pray that she is a strong little fighter & that she is able to stay in the room with me & that we can get her breastfeeding well.

We'll update with a picture when we can! Thanks for all of your prayers, they are held close to our hearts.

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen


Queen Diva said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Kinsley Anne. I pray that she is the little fighter that you need her to be and that your labor and delivery goes nice and smoothly. Pretty soon you will be holding your beautiful new little girl. Soak it in and enjoy!

Lisa (your Aunt Francie's friend)

Amber said...

Good luck with everything today! I'll be thinking of the 3 of you!