Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mama Jen @ 35 weeks..

Weeks: 35 weeks

Cravings: Nothing in particular. That awesome Publix frozen yogurt that I mentioned in my last post is still amazing but gives me horrible reflux after I eat it... :(

Symptoms? Still contracting every 3-5 minutes, they feel like intensified menstrual cramps, I have back pain with the contractions & I am just waiting for them to be "bad enough to require pain management" before I head to the hospital. Yesterday, I was 1cm & 80% effaced....our little girl could be here today or she could be here in 4's up to her I guess!

Showing: undeniably, carrying low, and look like I'm going to pop.

Boy or Girl? Miss Kinsley Anne Settle

Bought anything? I actually haven't had any energy to go anywhere to buy anything. I basically go to work & go home. I did find energy to walk with Kyle last night which makes the contractions more tolerable.

Shopping for anything? We are looking for a tall lamp to put behind the glider/rocker but are in no rush if we can't find "the right one." Also, we will eventually buy a swing. We have it picked out but just haven't bought it yet. We do have an awesome bouncer/vibration seat so we aren't in any kind of rush for that either.

..And the dad to be? AMAZING. I just can't find enough words to describe how good he is to me. He has to be sick of the back-and-forth from the doctor and the hospital. Nobody expects their baby to make an attempt to come 6 weeks before she's due. But he takes everything in stride. I love that about him. H

e keeps me strong & I can't wait to see him with Kinsley Anne.

****The above was written yesterday (10/14)

. The below is being written tonight (10/15) as I sit in a bed in Labor & Delivery.

Most recent appointment? So, I went to the doctor on Tuesday & was rechecked from the hospital. At the hospital, I was "thick" and 1 cm dilated. Tuesday, I was still 1cm but 80% effaced (thinned). I really wasn't feeling anything different. However, Tuesday at work, I lost my mucous plug. Wednesday, I started feeling cramping & thought to myself that that was definitely a different feeling. The OB wanted me checked so I went to the office & he felt like I was still 1cm, 80% effaced. We had a long discussion and opted to stop my Procardia meds that had slowed my contractions. They clearly weren't doing much since the contractions were getting more uncomfortable. So, Wednesday morning was my last dose. Fast forward to last night. I started becoming slightly more uncomfortable. I awoke several times to say "owwww." It felt like a bad period. I woke up at 5am & couldn't fall back asleep. I went onto work & continued getting more & more uncomfortable. I decided that before leaving work & heading back home (the hospital where I'm delivering is where I work), I thought I better get checked. Since the OB office closes at 12 on Fridays, I went to labor & delivery triage. I was having contractions every 3 minutes or so & the nurse felt like I was 1cm, maybe 2. She said she'd check again in 1 hour. 1 hour later, she said definitely 2cm. She gave me the option to have pain meds and go home, or go walk around town for a while & come back before the end of her shift and get checked again. We opted for the 2nd option. So, we went, ate a light lunch, walked & walked & walked, and came back 3 hours later. The nurse immediately said the doctor (same OB that checked me wed) wanted to check me instead of her. He came in and said I was 3cm & that he didn't feel comfortable sending me home. He wanted to admit me to Labor & Delivery for 23hr observation and keep a check on me overnight. If I continue to progress, I will obviously stay and deliver our sweet baby. If, for some reason, things come to a halt, we will go home tomorrow I guess. We will just be playing it by ear.

Next appointment? I guess that depends on what happens over the next 24hrs.

Until next time.. Love, Jen

Kinsley Anne,

We are very ready to meet you & we hope that if you could talk, you would say the same. You seem to be ready at the moment, but time will tell. We love you & hope that you handle this labor & delivery like the fighter that you already are!!

Love, your mama & daddy

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