Friday, October 29, 2010

Lots to Update! (cont)

This post is a continuation of 2 previous posts regarding my labor, delivery, and Kinsley Anne's NICU stay. I would recommend reading those first to avoid confusion! :)

First of all, I think that I neglected to include her birth statistics in my previous post. So, here they are. At birth, Kinsley Anne was:
35 weeks, 4 days gestation
7lb 3oz (yes, at 4.5wks early!)

Now, onto the updates! On Monday, we went to see Kinsley Anne's pediatrician (PMD) for the first time outpatient. The PMD did come by the NICU as an introduction. However, I already knew her since she was previously a resident that came through our pediatric neurology office for a month or two. She is a part of a practice & she will most likely not be the doctor we see regularly. I had already set my mind on another female in the practice who is a little older. Anyway....we had her weight checked and she was 6#6oz. This is the same as she was at discharge 2 days prior, so we were happy to see that we had stopped losing, and started maintaining. Now we go back in another week to check her weight again. Let's hope she has gained by then!! Otherwise, her exam was great. The PMD did discuss that if we needed any help coordinating the care between pulmonologist & surgeon, to let them know and they would be happy to help in any way that they could. The PMD also noted that she could hear air flowing in her left lung. This was really reassuring to Kyle & I since we were under the impression from NICU that the majority of her left lung was cysts & not normal lung tissue.

Tuesday, Kinsley Anne and I just lounged around the house & napped off and on all day. She is really good at that & I have always loved naps, so we go well together! :) She is such a good baby and really only cries if she is hungry. Otherwise she is either sleeping or staring at the world, just taking it all in.

Wednesday we visited with the pediatric pulmonologist. This man is such a good guy (he's a daddy to 2 young kids) and I have heard great things about him as a doctor as well. His office is across the hall from my peds neuro office that I work in, too. (so of course we had to say hi to all of my coworkers!) We barely made it off of the elevator before getting swarmed. :) At the pulm visit, her O2 Sat was 97-98% (PERFECT!). Her weight was 6#9oz (YAY!). Dr. Elidemir asked if we wanted to review & look at her CT scan from the hospital and of course we said yes. Here is what we discussed:
1) Her right lung is perfectly developed. The size is good & her lung is made fully of normal lung tissue.

2) Her left lung is small. She has been diagnosed with Hypoplasia of the Left Lung. This basically means that at some point during her fetal development, the lung stopped growing or was restricted in some way. Why? We do not know & may never know. Usually there is a tumor, vasculature abnormality, airway abnormality, etc. Our sweet girl fortunately has none of these things. These are the things they looked for with the CXRs, CT scan, and Echo. I have requested that the level 2 ultrasound report that we had done at 20 wks gestation be faxed to the doctor in case they made comment of anything abnormal. However, I don't suspect that they saw anything suspicious on her lung since we were there to look at her feet and the doctor didn't say anything to us or my regular OB. Unfortunately, they did not record the ultrasound like I had hoped.

3) There are cyst-like structures lining the bottom/outside of the left lung. There are 2 possibilities for what these may be...
a) These could be cysts. This would support the diagnosis of CCAM, which essentially means that the lung forms in cysts rather than normal lung tissue during fetal development. However, Dr. E does not think that her lung looks typical of CCAM and therefore is holding off on diagnosing her with this. If they are cysts, there is a possibility that they were larger at some point and are shrinking in size, but of course, we have no way to know that at this point.
b) These could be air pockets. Dr. E said that sometimes, air gets trapped in some part of the lung during fetal lung development and create these pockets. Occasionally, as above, they are big enough that they can restrict the rest of the lung from developing. That means that the air pockets he's seeing on Kinsley's CT would have been larger at some point, which again, we can't prove at this time.

4) The majority of Kinsley's lungs are normal lung tissue. The right is completely normal and aside from this row of weird structures, her left lung is also comprised of normal lung tissue. This gives Dr. E a lot of hope that her left lung will grow over the next 6 years. It will probably always be smaller than "normal" but it could definitely grow.

So what do we do now?
1) Keep Kinsley Anne healthy! The #1 priority right now is to avoid infection. Anyone with a problem like this is more susceptible to respiratory infection/pneumonia. Kyle installed a couple of hospital-grade hand sanitizer pumps at home to help with hand hygiene in our visitors and with ourselves. Call us crazy, call us germaphobes, but we'll do what it takes. We are not going to be homebound by any means. I am going to go on errands and do things that I would do with a "normal baby" but I will always be on the lookout for ways to avoid infection. If I get in trouble for giving strangers evil glares or hand slaps for touching Kinsley in the grocery store, etc. then you'll know why! haha

2) "I would not let any surgeon touch her right now." - Dr. E Basically, until we figure out what's going on, we're not going to pursue surgery. We will follow her with CXRs and potentially another more limited CT scan (with less radiation than the 1st) monthly for a few months. The hope is that we will see reduction in size of these mysterious cyst/air pocket structures and growth of the lung. We will be seeing the pulmonologist monthly for
these tests.

3) pray, pray, pray! I believe in a God who can perform miracles and I think it would be awesome if we could just continue to puzzle the doctors when one of these CXRs or CT scans shows that she has a substantially larger left lung and substantially fewer, smaller cysts/pockets. I know that God already has a plan for this sweet girl's life & we are just here to care for her but I can't help but pray that we could avoid surgery!!

Otherwise, we will just continue living our crazy life! The puppies have really adjusted well to her coming home. They sniff her constantly & lick her feet and top of her head. They have not nipped, snapped, etc. at all. Bowen is already thinking that this is his baby & that he has to scare off all visitors. Avery just tilts her head anytime Kinsley makes a squeak.

I will continue to update as we get any other information & of course I'll put up pictures of our homecoming and just some sweet pictures of Kinsley Anne soon!!

Until Next Time...
Love, Jen
Until Next Time...
Love, Jen

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lots to Update!

I apologize (but not really) for not updating sooner for my reader's sake, but our lives have been changed forever by the sweetest, most precious gift. If you missed my last post, you can read it here. Basically, I went into active labor on Sunday night & the beginning of the birth story is in that last post. The rest of the birth story goes something like this:

They started Pitocin Monday morning after my water broke. The contractions were hardly noticeable behind the mask of my epidural. I basically just hung out and hoped that the contractions were doing their job. I watched as they prepared the room for delivery, warming her bed and all that good stuff. My parents arrived from Delaware around 9am. When they heard that I was in active labor, they got on the first flight from Philly (at 5:30am) and flew to Charlotte since that was the fastest way to get to us. Kyle's dad went up to Charlotte and picked them up and brought them back to the hospital. I was checked around noon or so and was 5cm & was told that I had another bulging sac of water and then about 2 seconds later it went pop/gush. Yes, I find this weird too. I am not sure if there was a phantom twin that didn't develop or what, but I ended up having 2 "bags" of water break. Anyway, this amniotic fluid was stained with meconium and my anxiety started to rise. Basically, having meconium stained fluid is a sign of stress from labor..the baby poops inside. With this water breaking, my pain instantly came back strong. I was having a hard time focusing myself through these contractions and they quickly called the anesthesiologist to re-dose my epidural. It took him about 10 minutes to come in & then another 10-15 minutes for the meds to reach their full potential. The nurse checked me at some point during this process because my pain had intensified so much & I was already 6cm. Then, less than an hour later, my epidural seemed to have worn off again. The anesthesiologist came in and re-dosed my epidural again & the OB came in and checked me...9-10 cm & fully effaced. She said that she really likes for women to take another 30 minutes to allow the baby to fully come down into the birth canal on their own & it helps pushing go faster and usually helps reduce tearing. So, I went ahead and took advantage of that & took a 30 minute nap. I was definitely feeling a lot of pressure so once the OB got done in C-Section, the nurse went ahead and started having me push. On the first push, I heard Kyle, my mom, his mom, and the nurse excited that they could already see her head. That was such a big relief for me & gave me the umph to really push that much harder. I pushed through about 3 contractions and the nurse said to hold tight that she wanted the doctor to come in. She also called the NICU staff for Kinsley because I had asked multiple times for them to come since she was 35 weeks and I had meconium stained fluid. So, the delivery room quickly became a full house (not to mention that I also allowed 2 nursing students observe since I remember how excited I was when I was a nursing student to see a birth). The doctor came in and about 2-3 more contractions later, my sweet baby girl was born!! The pushing was truly the easiest part of the entire process.

Kinsley immediately cried, thank God, but her cry was a little on the "wet" side. They put her on my chest while they dried her off but then told me calmly that they wanted to let the NICU team take a look at her. The team worked with her and were very vigorous about getting her to cry some more. They hooked her up to an oxygen saturation monitor, which I could see from bed, and I noted that she was at 74%. They brought her over to me and let me hold her again for just a minute while the neonatologist explained that they would be taking her to NICU for observation overnight. They wanted to suction out some fluid that they thought she swallowed and make sure that she brought up her O2 sat. I reluctantly handed over my little angel & began to cry. That was incredibly hard for me to say bye to her after I had just said hello for the first time. The doctor finished up with me & then they left me to just relax and let the epidural wear off some before they would take me to the NICU and then to my mom/baby (postpartum) room.

My epidural was still not wearing off after a while and they kept insisting that I would be taken to my room by stretcher. I put my foot down (not really since I couldn't move haha) and told them that they would help me into a wheelchair and take me to the NICU before going to my room. Finally, that happened & when I got to the NICU, Kinsley looked so much better than I anticipated. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I didn't know if she would be on the ventilator, if she would have IV's everywhere, or what. But, she was in a warming crib with a single IV and no oxygen. The neonatologist explained that she was in an oxygen tent for 30 minutes and they suctioned her out & since then, she was holding her own. However, they had gotten a chest xray (CXR) that was puzzling to the doctors. The left side was "whited out" and they would be repeating that soon. They weren't sure why it appeared that way & I didn't like the sound of that. The neo told Kyle and I that although she looked good, they'd keep her for observation because you can "never trust a preemie." We went back to my room & then later that evening when my epidural really did wear off, we went back to the NICU. Basically, the repeat CXR still looked the same, whited out on the left..this left the doctors really concerned because it didn't fit what she looked like. Overnight they repeated a third change. She continued to do great & the morning after she was born, they actually allowed her to start eating (16mL, increasing by 4mL every other feed, as tolerated). They let me breastfeed her when I was in the NICU & pump to give her breastmilk through a bottle for the other feeds. At least I felt like I was helping in some way, because otherwise I felt completely helpless. On Tuesday (Day of Life [DOL] #2 for Kinsley Anne), they called the pediatric pulmonologist & although he was in Baltimore at a conference, he was able to advise that they order a CT of her lungs with 3D reconstruction, have the pediatric radiologist review it, and call him with the info. He would then decide if she needed to be seen by pulm in the NICU or if it could be arranged outpatient. The CT was done on DOL #3 in addition to an echo (ultrasound of the heart). The CT scan showed that the left lung was underdeveloped (hypoplasia of the lung) with some pockets that were thought to be cysts. The diagnosis of Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation (CCAM) was thrown to us as a possibility. We saw a pediatric surgeon in case this was her diagnosis, as those cysts would need to be removed because of the possibility of infection and/or malignancy. DOL #3 was probably THE hardest day, possibly in my entire life. I was discharged from the hospital even after pleading/begging with my OB & the NICU about staying in the Ronald McDonald House or moving Kinsley to a room in the NICU where I could stay with her. Everyone wanted that to happen but there were waiting lists for both. So, after LOTS of tears & kisses, I had to walk away from our baby girl to go home. I do not wish that upon anyone.

The rest of the time, DOL#4-6, we just worked on getting her up to a maintenance feeding schedule. She did great without any setbacks. We also did "normal baby stuff" according to the neo, like get her Hep B shot, hearing screen, car seat test, etc. On Friday (DOL#5), the neo said that we could go home the next day (praise God!). He gave Kinsley the "Model Citizen Award" for being the best behaved "citizen" of the NICU during her stay, haha. The neonatal nurse practitioner went ahead and quickly worked on getting Kyle & I a Family Learning Center (FLC) room in NICU 2 (basically a stepdown) so that we could stay overnight with her before going home. Saturday, DOL #6 was welcomed with open arms. We got to pack up, watch Kinsley get her discharge exam, unhook her from all wires, dress her up, and TAKE HER HOME!!!

...Since that time, we have had a couple of doctor's appointments and some clarification as to what is going on in Kinsley Anne's tiny lungs. More on that to come SOON!! & more pictures to come soon, too!

Monday, October 18, 2010


As an update to this post, I ended up not progressing past 3cm after 12 hours of good contractions that came every 2-5 minutes apart. I went home after some Stadol and rest & just hung out. My awesome big sister came up Saturday afternoon from Atlanta to pick up my spirits. We went to Niven's Apple Farm where I picked out a pumpkin. We ate some yummy italian & then went home and watched a marathon of Lockup on MSNBC. Sunday (yesterday) started out uneventfully with more relaxing at home with Kyle & my sister. Eventually we went to lunch & then my sister headed back to Atlanta and Kyle & I headed to do errands. During our errands, I noticed that my contractions were making me stop walking & breathe calmly. Nothing horrid, but definitely stronger. We eventually went home & I laid on the couch to watch a movie (Letters to God...soooo good!!!! but a definite tearjerker). By 8pm, I started crying. The pain was really intense. I tried walking, squatting, sitting in the bathtub of really warm water, listening to my ipod, laying on my left side...anything I could think of. It wasn't working & I lost focus. At about 11, I called the nurse on call. I didn't get an answer. Kyle & I quickly packed, he took a shower, and we headed to the hospital. I got to triage & the nurse had seen me on Friday night walking the halls. Her words were, "this is different. you weren't in this kind of pain when I saw you then." I quickly agreed and she checked me..I was the magic 4cm & "thin, thin, thin." I was whisked away to Labor & Delivery where I got my labs drawn, IV started, monitors on, and about an hour later, I was getting my epidural. Let me tell you....AMAZING!!!!!!! I can almost hear the choir of angels singing "ahhh." :) Since then, I have dozed off, listened to my ipod, done my makeup, watched tv, and learned what it is like to have your water break. Yes, mine broke on it's own at about 4:15am. About 8am, the OB came in (same OB who discharged me Saturday) and said that my contractions had slowed way down & because my water broke, they would be starting Pitocin. The contractions are now picking back up, although I really just occasionally feel a tightening feeling. My nurse (who is the mom of a girl who I went to nursing school with) is guessing that our sweet baby will be here around lunchtime.

Please say prayers for all of us. That the rest of this delivery would go smoothly. But most of all, please remember that Kinsley Anne is 35weeks, 4 days. This means that she is premature & I have been reminded by the doctor that she could sail through delivery & her first breaths without a problem or she could have complications and require a NICU stay. Please pray that she is a strong little fighter & that she is able to stay in the room with me & that we can get her breastfeeding well.

We'll update with a picture when we can! Thanks for all of your prayers, they are held close to our hearts.

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mama Jen @ 35 weeks..

Weeks: 35 weeks

Cravings: Nothing in particular. That awesome Publix frozen yogurt that I mentioned in my last post is still amazing but gives me horrible reflux after I eat it... :(

Symptoms? Still contracting every 3-5 minutes, they feel like intensified menstrual cramps, I have back pain with the contractions & I am just waiting for them to be "bad enough to require pain management" before I head to the hospital. Yesterday, I was 1cm & 80% effaced....our little girl could be here today or she could be here in 4's up to her I guess!

Showing: undeniably, carrying low, and look like I'm going to pop.

Boy or Girl? Miss Kinsley Anne Settle

Bought anything? I actually haven't had any energy to go anywhere to buy anything. I basically go to work & go home. I did find energy to walk with Kyle last night which makes the contractions more tolerable.

Shopping for anything? We are looking for a tall lamp to put behind the glider/rocker but are in no rush if we can't find "the right one." Also, we will eventually buy a swing. We have it picked out but just haven't bought it yet. We do have an awesome bouncer/vibration seat so we aren't in any kind of rush for that either.

..And the dad to be? AMAZING. I just can't find enough words to describe how good he is to me. He has to be sick of the back-and-forth from the doctor and the hospital. Nobody expects their baby to make an attempt to come 6 weeks before she's due. But he takes everything in stride. I love that about him. H

e keeps me strong & I can't wait to see him with Kinsley Anne.

****The above was written yesterday (10/14)

. The below is being written tonight (10/15) as I sit in a bed in Labor & Delivery.

Most recent appointment? So, I went to the doctor on Tuesday & was rechecked from the hospital. At the hospital, I was "thick" and 1 cm dilated. Tuesday, I was still 1cm but 80% effaced (thinned). I really wasn't feeling anything different. However, Tuesday at work, I lost my mucous plug. Wednesday, I started feeling cramping & thought to myself that that was definitely a different feeling. The OB wanted me checked so I went to the office & he felt like I was still 1cm, 80% effaced. We had a long discussion and opted to stop my Procardia meds that had slowed my contractions. They clearly weren't doing much since the contractions were getting more uncomfortable. So, Wednesday morning was my last dose. Fast forward to last night. I started becoming slightly more uncomfortable. I awoke several times to say "owwww." It felt like a bad period. I woke up at 5am & couldn't fall back asleep. I went onto work & continued getting more & more uncomfortable. I decided that before leaving work & heading back home (the hospital where I'm delivering is where I work), I thought I better get checked. Since the OB office closes at 12 on Fridays, I went to labor & delivery triage. I was having contractions every 3 minutes or so & the nurse felt like I was 1cm, maybe 2. She said she'd check again in 1 hour. 1 hour later, she said definitely 2cm. She gave me the option to have pain meds and go home, or go walk around town for a while & come back before the end of her shift and get checked again. We opted for the 2nd option. So, we went, ate a light lunch, walked & walked & walked, and came back 3 hours later. The nurse immediately said the doctor (same OB that checked me wed) wanted to check me instead of her. He came in and said I was 3cm & that he didn't feel comfortable sending me home. He wanted to admit me to Labor & Delivery for 23hr observation and keep a check on me overnight. If I continue to progress, I will obviously stay and deliver our sweet baby. If, for some reason, things come to a halt, we will go home tomorrow I guess. We will just be playing it by ear.

Next appointment? I guess that depends on what happens over the next 24hrs.

Until next time.. Love, Jen

Kinsley Anne,

We are very ready to meet you & we hope that if you could talk, you would say the same. You seem to be ready at the moment, but time will tell. We love you & hope that you handle this labor & delivery like the fighter that you already are!!

Love, your mama & daddy

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Once again, it is Tuesday, which brings us Top 2 Tuesday, thanks to Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma!

This week's topic is: Top 2 Favorite Places in Your Home

1) The porch. Kyle's dad & brothers built this onto our house as a wedding present. 2 years later, it is finally stained & furnished! Kyle just recently bought me a nice porch swing as an early mommy present. He knows I love swinging & have been dying to have a swing somewhere in the yard. He thought with the weather being as warm as it's been, that I will enjoy swinging outside when sweet Kinsley arrives. I have already spent lots of time out there watching the dogs play and just enjoying the mild temps (and sometimes hot temps) since we've gotten it

2) Kinsley's nursery. I did a post on it here. It came out so well. I used to say, before marriage, that when I had a baby, I wanted the nursery done with Classic Pooh, mural on the wall & all. However, once I found out that I was pregnant, my mind quickly changed. I wanted to steer clear of a theme & I knew I wanted to include pink but didn't want it to be over-the-top frilly & princess-y either. I think we managed to create a classic room that Kinsley will be able to grow in.

..anddd, the runner up is my master suite. I LOVE our king size bed & my bathtub. I spend lots of time in both places when I just need to relax after a long day.

& just as an update from my exciting weekend, explained in this post, I went to the doctor again today as a followup. I lost my mucous plug today (ew) & am continuing to have contractions, sometimes closer together than others, but generally getting more intense. Kinsley Anne's heart was beating nice & quickly & strongly. When I got checked, I was still 1cm (same as Friday) but I am now 80% effaced whereas I was not effaced at all. My next appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday, but the doctor made sure to tell me "you know where to find us." Wish us luck and send up some prayers on our behalf as we try to keep her cooking long enough to avoid the NICU, if possible.

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mama Jen @ 34 Weeks..

Weeks: 34 weeks, 3 days

Cravings: Not really anything that I can think of. However, I must share that I found the MOST DELICIOUS TREAT!!! Publix Frozen Yogurt Berry Granola. It's vanilla frozen yogurt with berry swirls (blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry) with granola bits. YUM.

Symptoms? I am getting pretty uncomfortable. Since Kinsley Anne has dropped, my sciatica has returned, I pee quite frequently, and lots of contractions.

Showing: undeniably and people think that I'm due any day.

Boy or Girl? Miss Kinsley Anne Settle

Bought anything? We bought a couple of things for her in the "newborn" size just in case she's less than 8lbs. We have a good bit of 0-3 month closing which is for ~8-12lbs. Also, the curtains that I designed & her mobile came in! So now, the nursery is complete.

Shopping for anything? We are looking for a tall lamp to put behind the glider/rocker but are in no rush if we can't find "the right one."

..And the dad to be? AMAZING. He is such a good husband & is going to be an awesome daddy, too.

Most recent appointment? I was seen a little early (33 wks) instead of my regular 34 week appointment because I had an increase in discharge & we had to make sure it wasn't leaking amniotic fluid. It was not, just the joys of pregnancy. But I was also checked and was not dilated at all despite how low I am carrying.

Next appointment? I have to call tomorrow for an appointment this week. We had a really eventful weekend. Friday around noon, I went to the bathroom to pee & noticed some blood in my underwear. This obviously freaked me out & I tried calling my OB office, knowing they close at noon. We (me and one of the doctor's I work with) had a hard time getting a hold of anyone & so the doctor I work with called one of her friends' cell phones, (who happens to be an OB in my group). I talked to her, she relaxed me, and said "if you're not having contractions, baby is moving OK, and your water hasn't broken, I feel comfortable just monitoring you. If any of those things happen, don't call us, just head to triage." So that made me take a sigh of relief. I left work shortly after this to go put my feet up since I was done seeing patients & about 30 minutes later, while driving home, I started having contractions. They were 5 minutes apart..not real uncomfortable but obviously not right. So, I called Kyle & told him that we needed to head on to the hospital. He didn't believe it, but I told him that I would go home & pack up anything that wasn't already packed & he could meet me at the house ready to go. A little more than an hour later, we were in the car & headed on. At labor & delivery triage, I was hooked up to the monitors & when I said, "I think I just had a contraction. Did you see one?" to the nurse, she said "uh huh" and left the room. A few minutes later, in she walked, but with a shot. She told me that the shot was Brethine & it should stop my contractions. I said, ok and she gave it to me. The doctor then came in & checked me...1 cm dilated. She said that we should know if the Brethine is going to work in 30 minutes. Kyle and I watched the monitor as my contractions quickly stopped.....temporarily. About 30 minutes after the shot worked, my contractions were coming back stronger. A few of them I had to breathe myself through. The nurse and doctor came back with another shot (Brethine) and a pill (Procardia) and explained that since I didn't respond too well, I had won myself an overnight stay. I quickly found myself in a room on High Risk OB. Throughout the night, I got 3 rounds of IV penicillin (for GBS prophylaxis), Procardia every 6 hours, and several bags of IV fluids. My contractions actually never stopped, but they did slow way down. My OB explained that at 34 weeks, if I delivered, Kinsley Anne would win herself bed in the NICU no matter how well she was doing. However at 35 weeks, it depended on how she did after birth that determined NICU or not. And even better, at 36 weeks, she would pretty much surely avoid NICU. So, basically, the contractions I'm having have become my "new baseline" and I have to return to the hospital if anything changes. I will continue on Procardia until 36 weeks & will come off of it at that time. From that point on, labor is fair will just be up to our sweet girl when she wants to come. If I go into labor even in the next 1.5 weeks, even on Procardia, she will probably be delivered as well since they have used all the meds that they can safely use at this point. So, needless to say, I'm now on "light duty," although this is not bedrest...praise God!! I am already a stubborn pregnant woman and I don't know if I would be able to handle laying in bed for 2 weeks.

Onto non-pregnancy things..

  • When I called Kyle to tell him about my contractions, he was over on our 10 acres training our dog with our dog breeder (and one of his dogs). Kyle was so proud of how Bowen did. He planted a quail & within 20-30 seconds, Bowen had found it and stood on point for about 1.5 minutes. Then, Peanut (the breeder's GSP) came up behind Bowen & honored his point...basically, the 1st dog to find the bird points the bird & then the 2nd dog comes up on the 1st dog & points him. It is a fairly high skill for both dogs. The 1st dog has to have the patience to stand on point even when another dog comes in "threatening his bird" and the 2nd dog has to come up slow enough to not frighten and flush the bird. Below is a picture of Peanut honoring Bowen's point...
  • Kyle bought me a great porch swing as my "push present." He knows that I love sitting out on the deck & he felt like that would be a great place to sit and swing with Kinsley Anne. I have already gotten a lot of use out of it & can't wait until our sweet girl can swing with us!
  • I will be sure to update again after my doctor's appointment this week!!

Until next time.. Love, Jen

Kinsley Anne,

We didn't know if we should be excited or scared on Friday. I cannot wait to go to the hospital without a doubt in my mind that we will be having you! The pain will all be worth it and I am sure of it. I know that you want to come out into the world to meet us, but just make sure that you are strong enough & big enough before you make your grand entrance. We will be ready & waiting when it's time. We love you so much!!

Love, your mama & daddy

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Welcome to Top 2 Tuesday, sponsored by Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma! Today's topic is:
Top 2 Dream Kitchens

I love thinking about building our dream home one day. Kyle & my most recent goal would be to build our house in 3-4 years. With that being said, the below are 2 kitchens that I would be delighted to see in our house!!



In general, I love the combination between antiqued cream cabinets with a wood island & plan to design my future kitchen around that theme. I also love islands that have 1 side set up as a bar with stools. I am kind of half-and-half on whether I would prefer a stainless fridge (as in #1) or a cabinet-style refrigerator (as in #2). Sooo...what do you think?

In other news...
  • Kyle's cousin has been having contractions for the last 36+ hours. The last I had heard, she was at home at lunchtime & they were every 5 minutes but she was still comfortable. I am so excited that baby Kade will be here this week!!! I can't wait to watch Kade & Kinsley grow up together! Congratulations Jenna & Johnathan!!
  • I had a little scare last week. I thought I might be leaking amniotic fluid & had to go in to be "checked" on Friday morning. My parents packed their bags & were on standby at work if a quick trip from work to the airport was required. The doctor feels that it is not amniotic fluid & just the joys of third trimester pregnancy...I know, I know, TMI. As my mom put it, at least now she's ready whenever. I am not dilated (yay), but Kinsley Anne's head can't get any lower until I dilate. She's right on my cervix which would explain some of my uncomfortable feelings & my frequent bathroom trips. On the up side, we had an ultrasound to measure the fluid level & got to see our sweet Kinsley Anne again. She is getting SO chubby!! I wanted to squeeze her cheeks through the screen. My next appointment will be at 36wks.
I hope yall are having a good week so far!!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen