Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Welcome! If this is your first time visiting my blog, I'm Jen. I am married to a wonderful & faithful man Kyle. We are expecting our first little miracle, Kinsley Anne, in the next 1-2 months. I hope that you'll kick your feet up & stay a while. Leave me a comment, let me know about your blog, & a little bit about who you are!!
Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma hosts Top 2 Tuesday every week, & this week's topic is: Top 2 Favorite Songs!

It is ironic that this is the topic as Kyle & I just had a conversation Sunday, while at lunch, regarding people's affection for music. Kyle is not really a music kind of guy and enjoys listening to talk radio on his ride to and from work much more than myself. He would also prefer to have the TV on in the background at home rather than music (again, unlike me). I really like to listen to the radio in my car & occasionally pop in a CD if there's nothing good on. I usually only resort to talk radio if some hot topic is going on that I want to hear people weigh in on or if there is nothing else to listen to. I also turn on our Ipod or radio in the house frequently while I am cleaning, cooking, etc. This conversation arose while out at Sunday lunch. We were at Longhorn Steakhouse and a party of 15+ people came in. They were all playing on their cell phones, Iphones, Ipods, etc & even after being seated, they continued this. One of them (probably ~20 yrs old) kept his headphones in while eating. SO RUDE! I just can't get over the things people in society do without thinking twice about it. Anyway...onto Tuesday's Top 2!

1) My current favorite song is probably Brad Paisley's Anything Like Me.
It is about finding out that he is having a little boy. Of course, we are having a little girl, but it is still the concept that gets me. Thinking of what our little baby will grow up to be like nearly brings me to tears every time. I also like to think that maybe Kyle will have his rough & tough little boy one day! :)

2) Fight Like a Girl by Bomshel. This is not a new song but the first time that I heard it, I instantly loved it. It reminds me of the work I've done with the American Cancer Society & Relay for Life. It's also just a good, empowering song for women. If you ever drive by me in my car & I'm belting out lyrics, it may very well be to this song. I have it on a CD in my car so that whenever I want, I can sing along!

Other songs you can frequently find me listening to include: Hosanna (Hillsong United), God Bless the Broken Road (our wedding song, by Rascal Flatts), You Can Have Me (Sidewalk Prophets), Come Back Song (Darius Rucker), The House that Built Me (Miranda Lambert), and many others.

  • In other news, I REACHED OVER 1000 POINTS ON COKE REWARDS!!! Now, if only I was able to go to Six Flags or Universal Studios, I have enough points for a day ticket at either one! I guess I'll just keep stocking up on points for next summer!


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Stopping by from Top 2 Tuesday! Great song choices!

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