Monday, September 27, 2010

Mama Jen @ 32 weeks..

Weeks: 32 weeks, 4 days

Cravings: Kyle says I suddenly have a sweet tooth. The last 2 grocery trips, I have come home with ice cream and cookies...2 things that I purposefully do not typically keep in the house.

Symptoms? my heartburn has kind of come back. I have been taking Protonix daily for ~1.5 months, but by the evening when I lay down, it kicks in a little bit. Hopefully this means she'll have a head full of hair!! She is a mover & a groover, too. Not sure if she's suddenly more active or if she is just bigger & I feel her every move.

Showing: undeniably. & she has continued to drop.

Boy or Girl? Miss Kinsley Anne Settle

Bought anything? Yes, actually. We went yesterday in the rain to Babies 'R' Us, to do some registry completion shopping. We used our gift cards (& still have lots left!) to purchase our video monitor, some breastfeeding/pumping accessories, dishwasher baskets, baby mirror for Kyle's truck (I had been given one for my car at my shower), a tympanic thermometer, a seat saver for my car, a diaper caddy for the diaper bag, and some other good stuff!
Above: Summer Infant Complete Coverage Video Monitoring System, $299.99 (minus 20% with a coupon). It has a 7" video screen for the bedside & a portable handheld with video screen as well. Since Kinsley's room is on a different level than ours, we thought that the video would be helpful in determining cries. (Is this an "I want to play" cry? or an "I don't feel well" cry?)

Shopping for anything? We are pretty well set now! I had my FOURTH shower this past Saturday & got TONS of gift cards, diapers, wipes, a bouncy seat, clothes, and other goodies. We are SO incredibly blessed. I am going to go soon for a nursing bra so that I can have one at the hospital, but will wait to buy multiple until I see exactly what size I am. {and my amazing friend Candace was thoughtful enough to get me a gift certificate to my favorite bra store for my birthday for this very reason! SO excited about that!}

..And the dad to be? Have I mentioned lately how much I love him? He has been so great at making me slow down & relax. I am not the best at taking care of me & he has been making sure that I remember how important it is for me to chill out from time to time. We both keep thinking that Kinsley's going to be born "any day now" but then have to reign in our excitement and realize it has the potential to be up to 7 more weeks. That sounds like forever, but I know that it will fly.

Most recent appointment? My 32 wk appt 9/21/10. I mentioned to my doctor (I saw one of my very favorites!) that everyone has been telling me that Kinsley has dropped & that had me slightly concerned since I am so early on. She reassured me that this is OK, but that she was head down & in perfect position for delivery. I asked her when they start "checking you" for progress & she said that typically, it is at 38 weeks. However, she said, in my case, at 36 weeks when they check my GBS status, they will probably check my progress then, since she feels like "something will be going on by then." We'll see!! That is pretty exciting since that's only 3.5 weeks away! One of the doctors in my practice today said "You dropped even more since Friday!" Then one of the other doctors (a female) chimed in with "that means you might get a nice long maternity break!" Oh, and of course at my 32wk appt, her heartbeat was strong & I was measuring appropriately!! I take these things for granted, but we are truly blessed beyond measure for even these small things!

Next appointment? 10/5 for my 34wk appt.

Onto non-pregnancy things..

  • We have had a very busy past week. This past Thursday, Kyle's dad had back surgery. He had injured himself at work back in April & tried some things to get it fixed up on his own (chiropractor, Advil, etc) but when the pain continued to worsen, he had an MRI. The MRI showed a herniated disc, requiring surgery. So, he went to a great neurosurgeon & he had surgery. His injury was actually more extensive than expected, including a torn joint in his back that created a cyst that needed to be removed as well. He stayed overnight Thursday night & came home from the hospital Friday. He is doing well & moving around better than I expected. He is out of work for 4 weeks & for anyone who knows this man, that is going to be quite an issue. He is one of the hardest working people I know & cannot stand to be still. Please say prayers for him to have lots of patience & the diligence to rehab his back as instructed!
  • Thursday night, Kyle & I also took an OB Tour at our hospital. Since I work through this hospital system & also did my OB nursing clinicals there, I am quite familiar with the way things work. However, when you're a patient, the rooms look a little different and of course questions arise that you might not think of otherwise. So, it was good to go see the triage area (even though I've been once as a patient), Labor & Delivery, & Mom/Baby. Our hospital is really working hard to make the experience family-centered & has been strongly encouraging moms to room-in with their babies. Their philosophy is that, this is your baby, you should take care of them, and we are just here to help. I was planning to do this anyway, but it makes me happy to know that there will not be any disagreement between the staff and me about this.
  • Saturday was Harvest Day in Inman...and boy was it HOT!! It was worth it though. There were so many talented artisans there displaying their goods for sale. Of course, there were LOTS of cute hair bows (I bought a Christmas one & Kyle bought 2 colorful ones for Kinsley!) & other cute kids clothes. And the best part (for me) was the food! BBQ, Kettle Corn, candied pecans, candy apples, seafood, bloomin onions, french fries...oh, the choices!! I told Kyle's mom that I can't wait until next year when I have a stroller & I can throw all of our purchases in there rather than having to carry things!
  • Saturday afternoon, Kyle's dad's side (the Settle side) of the family threw me a baby shower. It was at the church fellowship hall & once again, I got to see how much love & support baby Kinsley already has for her. As mentioned above, I got stocked up on diapers, wipes, a bouncy seat, car mirror for my car, a sterling silver monogrammed hair brush, clothes, a playmat, cash to open a savings account in Kinsley's name when she's born, gift cards, etc. The showers are officially over & now the last minute preparations for Kinsley's arrival begin!

Until next time.. Love, Jen

Kinsley Anne,

WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH. That will never be something I can say enough times. I have had thoughts of missing your movements after your delivered & the bond that you and I share during this time. However, I cannot wait until you are in our arms. Just imagining that that could be in less than 1 month has me (and your daddy) so very excited. Keep getting more fat on those perfectly designed bones of yours & we will see you soon enough!!

Love, your mama & daddy

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