Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From generation to generation....

With the birth of Kinsley Anne, comes the start of another generation {duh, what a profound statement}. However, what is so neat about this is that my mom has passed down several things for Kinsley to use that Katy (my older sister) and I also used. First and foremost, a cradle. This cradle was handmade by my PopPop (mom's deceased father). He was such an influential man in my life. I have written many papers, essays, and letters on how PopPop has influenced my life and here is a small bit of why....

Have you ever met a person that cared more about people than money? More about the genuine health of a patient than how the person may pay their copay? More about truly enjoying life than keeping up with the hustle and bustle? Well, I was lucky enough to know one of these rare people and it was my PopPop. He was a small town doctor who ran a family practice out of his own home. He frequently saw people at no cost if they could not afford it or offered to take a homemade snack in return for his services. He indisputably cared for each and every one of his patients and I believe he would have gone bankrupt seeing people if that's what it took to keep them well. He was an avid bird watcher, wood worker, and loved the outdoors. He drove a pale blue Ford F150 & had a camper that the entire family frequently used on vacations. He was one of those fathers that made it a part of the family dinner each night to ask "what did you do today that helped someone else?" I have many fond memories of my PopPop & a repeated memory that is etched in my memory forever is how my Nanny & PopPop always stood in their driveway in Chalfont, Pennsylvania and waved goodbye to us when we were done visiting.

Anyway, PopPop made this wonderful cradle/bassinet for Katy & I to use as babies and now my sweet little girl will get to use it. My mom and dad presented it to me at my baby shower. My mom actually took some material (yes, I'm aware that it's blue. I don't think it will kill her! hehe) that I had used in high school to recover a chair & pillow and made bedding for it. We have placed it in our bedroom to let Kinsley Anne stay in until she can sleep more than just 2-3 hours at a time. Below are 2 pictures of the cradle & I'll be sure to post another picture of it once precious Kinsley Anne is sleeping in it :)

Another hand-me-down is my mom's & Aunt Fran's christening gown. There is no "size" labeled on it, but I will be sure to make sure that Kinsley Anne wears it. Hopefully it will be the correct size for her baby dedication at church (which doesn't happen usually until around 6-9 months)!! It is so pretty. The picture below is one of my baby dolls from childhood dressed in the gown. My mom laid her in the bassinet and gave it to me at the shower.

Other passed down goodies include LOTS of smocked dresses, shoes, and hats. I love that Kinsley will have all of these hand made dresses to wear and will get to wear some of the same little shoes & bonnets that Katy & I wore. Katy...look out! It's all coming to you when I'm finished with it :)

Until next time..
Love, Jen

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Danielle Harper said...

That's a beautiful cradle. I love hand me downs.... in our living room is a little table & chairs that my husband's dad made for him when he was little, our 2 year old loves it. Can't wait to see pictures of your little one when she arrives.... come meet my munchkins at