Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Burning Question from Within...

Tonight, I went out to a nice dinner at a well known chain Italian restaurant with a Candace, a great friend since nursing school. We always manage to decide on this particular restaurant, probably because of their amazing salad and bread sticks...& we always do it last minute. My question arises here:
  • The host at the restaurant asks, how many? We reply, "TWO."
  • They sit us at a table suitable for 4, fine..spacious. But still, there's TWO of us.
  • The waitress brings TWO menus.
  • The waitress asks for TWO drink orders.
  • The waitress asks for TWO food orders.
  • The waitress asks "soup or salad?" We reply "Salad."
  • The waitress brings said {delicious} salad...and this is where the confusion lies...she brings THREE bread sticks.
The above happens EVERY SINGLE TIME we are at this establishment. We are always baffled. We always make a comment regarding this when the waitress leaves the table. We are just confused. Is it that hard to put bread sticks in a basket with 2 or 4 at a time? It really isn't that big of a deal, but it's just one of those things that makes you say, "hmmm."

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Welcome! If this is your first time visiting my blog, I'm Jen. I am married to a wonderful & faithful man Kyle. We are expecting our first little miracle, Kinsley Anne, in the next 1-2 months. I hope that you'll kick your feet up & stay a while. Leave me a comment, let me know about your blog, & a little bit about who you are!!
Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma hosts Top 2 Tuesday every week, & this week's topic is: Top 2 Favorite Songs!

It is ironic that this is the topic as Kyle & I just had a conversation Sunday, while at lunch, regarding people's affection for music. Kyle is not really a music kind of guy and enjoys listening to talk radio on his ride to and from work much more than myself. He would also prefer to have the TV on in the background at home rather than music (again, unlike me). I really like to listen to the radio in my car & occasionally pop in a CD if there's nothing good on. I usually only resort to talk radio if some hot topic is going on that I want to hear people weigh in on or if there is nothing else to listen to. I also turn on our Ipod or radio in the house frequently while I am cleaning, cooking, etc. This conversation arose while out at Sunday lunch. We were at Longhorn Steakhouse and a party of 15+ people came in. They were all playing on their cell phones, Iphones, Ipods, etc & even after being seated, they continued this. One of them (probably ~20 yrs old) kept his headphones in while eating. SO RUDE! I just can't get over the things people in society do without thinking twice about it. Anyway...onto Tuesday's Top 2!

1) My current favorite song is probably Brad Paisley's Anything Like Me.
It is about finding out that he is having a little boy. Of course, we are having a little girl, but it is still the concept that gets me. Thinking of what our little baby will grow up to be like nearly brings me to tears every time. I also like to think that maybe Kyle will have his rough & tough little boy one day! :)

2) Fight Like a Girl by Bomshel. This is not a new song but the first time that I heard it, I instantly loved it. It reminds me of the work I've done with the American Cancer Society & Relay for Life. It's also just a good, empowering song for women. If you ever drive by me in my car & I'm belting out lyrics, it may very well be to this song. I have it on a CD in my car so that whenever I want, I can sing along!

Other songs you can frequently find me listening to include: Hosanna (Hillsong United), God Bless the Broken Road (our wedding song, by Rascal Flatts), You Can Have Me (Sidewalk Prophets), Come Back Song (Darius Rucker), The House that Built Me (Miranda Lambert), and many others.

  • In other news, I REACHED OVER 1000 POINTS ON COKE REWARDS!!! Now, if only I was able to go to Six Flags or Universal Studios, I have enough points for a day ticket at either one! I guess I'll just keep stocking up on points for next summer!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mama Jen @ 32 weeks..

Weeks: 32 weeks, 4 days

Cravings: Kyle says I suddenly have a sweet tooth. The last 2 grocery trips, I have come home with ice cream and cookies...2 things that I purposefully do not typically keep in the house.

Symptoms? my heartburn has kind of come back. I have been taking Protonix daily for ~1.5 months, but by the evening when I lay down, it kicks in a little bit. Hopefully this means she'll have a head full of hair!! She is a mover & a groover, too. Not sure if she's suddenly more active or if she is just bigger & I feel her every move.

Showing: undeniably. & she has continued to drop.

Boy or Girl? Miss Kinsley Anne Settle

Bought anything? Yes, actually. We went yesterday in the rain to Babies 'R' Us, to do some registry completion shopping. We used our gift cards (& still have lots left!) to purchase our video monitor, some breastfeeding/pumping accessories, dishwasher baskets, baby mirror for Kyle's truck (I had been given one for my car at my shower), a tympanic thermometer, a seat saver for my car, a diaper caddy for the diaper bag, and some other good stuff!
Above: Summer Infant Complete Coverage Video Monitoring System, $299.99 (minus 20% with a coupon). It has a 7" video screen for the bedside & a portable handheld with video screen as well. Since Kinsley's room is on a different level than ours, we thought that the video would be helpful in determining cries. (Is this an "I want to play" cry? or an "I don't feel well" cry?)

Shopping for anything? We are pretty well set now! I had my FOURTH shower this past Saturday & got TONS of gift cards, diapers, wipes, a bouncy seat, clothes, and other goodies. We are SO incredibly blessed. I am going to go soon for a nursing bra so that I can have one at the hospital, but will wait to buy multiple until I see exactly what size I am. {and my amazing friend Candace was thoughtful enough to get me a gift certificate to my favorite bra store for my birthday for this very reason! SO excited about that!}

..And the dad to be? Have I mentioned lately how much I love him? He has been so great at making me slow down & relax. I am not the best at taking care of me & he has been making sure that I remember how important it is for me to chill out from time to time. We both keep thinking that Kinsley's going to be born "any day now" but then have to reign in our excitement and realize it has the potential to be up to 7 more weeks. That sounds like forever, but I know that it will fly.

Most recent appointment? My 32 wk appt 9/21/10. I mentioned to my doctor (I saw one of my very favorites!) that everyone has been telling me that Kinsley has dropped & that had me slightly concerned since I am so early on. She reassured me that this is OK, but that she was head down & in perfect position for delivery. I asked her when they start "checking you" for progress & she said that typically, it is at 38 weeks. However, she said, in my case, at 36 weeks when they check my GBS status, they will probably check my progress then, since she feels like "something will be going on by then." We'll see!! That is pretty exciting since that's only 3.5 weeks away! One of the doctors in my practice today said "You dropped even more since Friday!" Then one of the other doctors (a female) chimed in with "that means you might get a nice long maternity break!" Oh, and of course at my 32wk appt, her heartbeat was strong & I was measuring appropriately!! I take these things for granted, but we are truly blessed beyond measure for even these small things!

Next appointment? 10/5 for my 34wk appt.

Onto non-pregnancy things..

  • We have had a very busy past week. This past Thursday, Kyle's dad had back surgery. He had injured himself at work back in April & tried some things to get it fixed up on his own (chiropractor, Advil, etc) but when the pain continued to worsen, he had an MRI. The MRI showed a herniated disc, requiring surgery. So, he went to a great neurosurgeon & he had surgery. His injury was actually more extensive than expected, including a torn joint in his back that created a cyst that needed to be removed as well. He stayed overnight Thursday night & came home from the hospital Friday. He is doing well & moving around better than I expected. He is out of work for 4 weeks & for anyone who knows this man, that is going to be quite an issue. He is one of the hardest working people I know & cannot stand to be still. Please say prayers for him to have lots of patience & the diligence to rehab his back as instructed!
  • Thursday night, Kyle & I also took an OB Tour at our hospital. Since I work through this hospital system & also did my OB nursing clinicals there, I am quite familiar with the way things work. However, when you're a patient, the rooms look a little different and of course questions arise that you might not think of otherwise. So, it was good to go see the triage area (even though I've been once as a patient), Labor & Delivery, & Mom/Baby. Our hospital is really working hard to make the experience family-centered & has been strongly encouraging moms to room-in with their babies. Their philosophy is that, this is your baby, you should take care of them, and we are just here to help. I was planning to do this anyway, but it makes me happy to know that there will not be any disagreement between the staff and me about this.
  • Saturday was Harvest Day in Inman...and boy was it HOT!! It was worth it though. There were so many talented artisans there displaying their goods for sale. Of course, there were LOTS of cute hair bows (I bought a Christmas one & Kyle bought 2 colorful ones for Kinsley!) & other cute kids clothes. And the best part (for me) was the food! BBQ, Kettle Corn, candied pecans, candy apples, seafood, bloomin onions, french fries...oh, the choices!! I told Kyle's mom that I can't wait until next year when I have a stroller & I can throw all of our purchases in there rather than having to carry things!
  • Saturday afternoon, Kyle's dad's side (the Settle side) of the family threw me a baby shower. It was at the church fellowship hall & once again, I got to see how much love & support baby Kinsley already has for her. As mentioned above, I got stocked up on diapers, wipes, a bouncy seat, car mirror for my car, a sterling silver monogrammed hair brush, clothes, a playmat, cash to open a savings account in Kinsley's name when she's born, gift cards, etc. The showers are officially over & now the last minute preparations for Kinsley's arrival begin!

Until next time.. Love, Jen

Kinsley Anne,

WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH. That will never be something I can say enough times. I have had thoughts of missing your movements after your delivered & the bond that you and I share during this time. However, I cannot wait until you are in our arms. Just imagining that that could be in less than 1 month has me (and your daddy) so very excited. Keep getting more fat on those perfectly designed bones of yours & we will see you soon enough!!

Love, your mama & daddy

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sugar & Spice...and Everything Nice

Welcome to Kinsley Anne's home sweet home:

Her espresso colored crib, dresser, and bedding are all from Baby Furniture Plus Kids in Greenville, SC. They have a great selection of baby/kid's furniture, bedding, & room decor.

The sconces, candles, and letters are all from Hobby Lobby. Kyle painted the letters & painstakingly put them up, making sure to measure them out on the wall perfectly.

The crib turns into a toddler bed, then into a full bed.

The changing table below is a regular dresser. Again, she'll be able to use it for a long time to come...

Kyle couldn't resist buying this precious puppy, Aspen, for his baby girl. The star is just a night light that is keeping Aspen company until we plug it in :)

The below sign is from Hobby Lobby:

This picture was taken during a church directory photo sitting. It came out great:

The below wall hanging is also from Hobby Lobby. Obviously a favorite place of mine to shop...

I clearly haven't spent any time organizing her closet yet. It's on my to-do list...

Her curtains haven't come in yet, but they were custom made to match her bedding. The glider/rocker was a gift from my parents. It is actually from Walmart & is SO oversized & comfortable. The picture is an engagement picture of Kyle & I that was signed by our wedding guests.

Soo..what do you think?

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tammy's Funky Flowers

With the upcoming birth of our precious little girl, I have of course been on the lookout for all things pink & frilly. I love pink myself & have dreamt of how I might dress my little girl in flowers, bows, and cute clothes for quite some time. I came across a fabulous blog, Tammy's Funky Flowers, and thought about ordering some flowers. I hemmed & hawed and one day, after she posted about a sale (buy 3, get 1 free), I gave into my temptation and ordered several. I have now received all of my flowers (and I also ordered 2 headbands for them, one black & one white) and they are AWESOME!! I have started picking out outfits that match the flowers I have and thinking about colors that I still need. I will definitely be purchasing more flowers in the future. Tammy is so nice, has great customer service skills, functions mainly through email, has Paypal payment available, and ships really quickly!! I can't say enough good things about her. So, if you want some adorable flowers for your sweet girl, head over to her blog & check it out.

Of course, I had to get a Clemson flower....

And here are the other adorable ones that I got..

If you know of any other good places to find bows, headbands, pacifier clips, and other frilly baby things, send your ideas my way!!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Monday, September 20, 2010

Adventures At the Home of Mr. Davenport...

Let's start by saying, Kyle has a "training day" planned for Bowen, Avery, & several other bird dogs (including our breeder's dogs) Sunday, the 26th. So, in preparation for them to come to our 10 acres for training, we needed to get some more quail. That took us to a town about 1hr south of us & to the home of a man we will call Mr. Davenport. Well, I was not aware that Mr. Davenport basically runs a live petting zoo. We pull into their "yard" which consists of horse pastures, & when I get out of the car, I hear a woman {or so I thought} yelling. Mr. Davenport walks out from behind the house & yells "hey," with cigarette in one hand and beer in the other. disclaimer: He truly is one of the nicest & most genuine men I've met in a while, but he is also quite a character. Now, continuing on, this woman that I thought was yelling was clearly not his wife, as she was found sitting on the back porch talking on the phone quietly. She smiled & waved and Mr. Davenport, Kyle, and I begin walking out to the quail pens. I hear something running behind me & I turn around to find the first odd animal of the day, their half-eyed dog. Let me explain...Poor dog had an infection in one eye (Adios right eye) & then something happened to the other eye that required stitching...(hello half-of-a-left-eye). Ok, so moving on from the dog, we oohh and ahh over how nice this man's 150ft flight pens are.

Below is a heck of a flight pen, similar to Mr. Davenport's (more description later in the post)..

Then, Kyle decides to ask what kind of other dogs this guy has & off to look at his English Pointers we go. I, again, hear footsteps & to my surprise, this time, I turn around to find a mean looking bird following me.
Sweet Mr. Davenport says, "Oh, don't worry, that's just Patsy the Peacock."
"Ohh ok but is it mean?" I ask.
"He'll get after you some." He replies.
"Great" I think to myself as I waddle faster than ever to catch up with Kyle & Mr. Davenport.

My friend Patsy..

On around to the front of the house, I finally discover who was yelling when we first got out of the car....a parrot. So, Mr. Davenport says, "go talk to her. She likes new people."
"OK" I respond.
I walk onto the porch to the parrot's cage and she instantly starts whistling at me. "Ohh pretty bird, pretty bird." The bird says to me. She, again, whistles at me as if to tell me I'm hot stuff.
"Yes, you're a pretty bird aren't you?" I say.
"ROXANNE," she replies. I quickly realized that's the bird's name. She likes herself, clearly. The bird then curiously turns her head upside down and says something...I'm not quite sure at first what she's saying..but then, loud as day, it comes again....."WHAT THE HELL??" Yes, these were their bird's proud first words, says Mr. Davenport.
Mr. Davenport also went on to tell us that in the winter, Roxanne lives in the house and watches TV all day. Know the commercial where the dog rubs its bottom across the living room carpet? Well, Roxanne knows that commerical too and can frequently be heard yelling, "TOBY, NOOO!" Wow....I wasn't aware that animals like this existed. fast forward. Kyle and Mr. Davenport round up 60 quail, put them in a cage for us to be able to take them home in, and we meet two more members of their brood (aside from the horses and cows that lived on Mr. Davenport's farm in abundance). Wiggles, the kitten & Spook, the donkey. Wiggles was a bottle fed kitten since 24hrs old and sucks on her outer toe (do cats have thumbs?). Yes, she layed in my lap and sucked her thumb...and Mrs. Davenport says this is commonplace. And Spook was born on Halloween and was quite upset that we were there in the first place and was dead set on making his presence known with quite a few hee-haws.

Anyway, we made it out alive & got the quail home safely. Saturday consisted of building a flight pen. What is a flight pen? It's a pen big enough to allow the quail to's usually wrapped in chicken wire or something similar & is their house. Simple enough, but considering that our pens in the past have been 1.5-3ft tall, having built an 8-10ft pen is a big improvement. So, Kyle spent ~12hrs building this thing & I spent ~6+ hours helping. BUT, it's done & the quail love it.

We built the pen onto the side of our barn...

The quail enjoying their new home...there's boards inside for the birds to sit on or hide under.

Bowen the first time he caught sight of our 60 new quail..on point! In the background to the left you can see one of our old pens that was maybe 3 ft tall.

Avery, who doesn't quite know what birds are all about yet..but she knows that she likes them!

Bowen & Avery as they watch dad install a new feeder.

Until next time...
Love, Jen

Top 2 Tuesday

Thanks to Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma, I am participating in the Top 2 Tuesday again!
This week's topic is "Top 2 Hair Products"

1. For straight hair days - Chi flat iron. I got my first in college & it was the 2" iron. It just died this year after ~4-5 yrs of use & I went with the 1" this time. I actually love the 1" because it can be used as a curler as well. I typically don't put on any hair products before straightening because I find that if anything, they usually make my hair look greasy rather than actually help with the straightening process.

2. For curly hair days - Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops. My hairdresser in DE gave me a bottle of this that she had used on me yearsss ago & I just had to go buy a new bottle the same day as when I bought my new Chi. I don't wear my hair curly all that often, but this stuff is awesome when I need it. It basically makes my curls non-frizzy without the stiff look/feel of using gel to "scrunch."

Another post to come, probably tonight, about the adventure of the weekend. Pictures of the nursery to come this week as well!!!!!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Friday, September 17, 2010

I need this weekend like Kinsley Anne needs fat on her bones!

Welcome to all readers, new & seasoned! If you are hopping over from Lauren @ The 22yr old Housewife, a special welcome to you. Sit back, relax, and read about the life I live! I am a 20-something wife & soon-to-be mother to a little girl. We have 2 babies of another species, German Shorthaired Pointers (14wk female, Avery & 1.5yr old male, Bowen). We live in South Carolina & could not be happier with the life that God has set before us!

On this weekend's agenda:
  • Puppies need to go to the vet today. Kyle has every Friday off now, so he will be doing that duty. Avery will certainly be sleepy-headed for the rest of the day. That means a good snuggle nap might be coming my way!!
  • Borrowing Kyle's mom's steam vac & getting to work on our carpets may or may not happen, but I would like for it to get done before baby comes.
  • Watching the Clemson game tomorrow, perhaps at Wild Wings with the Spartanburg County Clemson Club!
  • Laundry, of course.
  • I would really like to find a twin comforter for the bed that is in Kinsley's nursery as a "sick-night" alternative. There were originally 2 twin beds in the room that is now the nursery, and Kyle and I decided to leave one in place for nights where Kinsley Anne is fussy, sick, etc so that only one of our sleep is interrupted & the other can rest well. I have had the hardest time finding anything that matches her bedding well. But, I will not give up! I have checked TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Pottery Barn Kids, The Land of Nod, and I am looking at options at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I have come home, on more than one occasion, with something I thought might work...but the next day, I was standing in the returns line. Wish me luck!

Until next time..


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Welcome if you headed my way via "Whatever Wednesday's blog hop!" Dive right in & enjoy my ramblings about pregnancy, marriage, and our life in general!
This week on the menu is:
1) Leftover Soby's - They catered a lunch and learn at Kyle's work & he is bringing us lots of leftovers. yum!

2) Dorito Pie with Italian Cheese Garlic Bread

3) Mini Crab Cakes, salad, maybe some more garlic bread --> FYI: Phillip's has a $2 off coupon on their website if you sign up for their newsletter!

4) Sundried Tomato Chicken Sausage (on hot dog rolls) with Onions/Mushrooms

5) Cheesy Baked Tilapia with rice

...and the current topic of conversation amongst my coworkers is: "Have you already started dropping?" {in regards to my preggo belly} The comments I've heard are:
  • It's too early to be doing that! -MD#1

  • There's no way you're making it to full-term! -MD#2

  • Are you sure you aren't carrying extra amniotic fluid? -MD#3

  • You've definitely dropped. Not all the way, but you're moving in that direction! -RN#1

  • Your waddle has begun.

  • ..and I'm sure there's others that I'm forgetting!

I am only 31 weeks & this is a tad frightening, but I guess it's possible that dates could be off?? Let's pray she holds on for a while longer for her safety!

Until Next Time..
Love, Jen

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CSN giveaway

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma is hosting an awesome $30 CSN gift card giveaway!! It is simple to enter, so hop on over to her blog & get to winning!! If you are not familiar with CSN, it is basically a mega-store where almost anything can be bought. From furniture, baby gear, & bags, to outdoor living area decor & pet supplies, CSN has A LOT of good finds!

I am personally in love with the above Bric's Life 2-Compartment Duffle Bag. It's on the pricey side, but it would be such a great carry-on piece of luggage for flying. Hmm..I can dream, right?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Thanks to The Undomestic Momma, I am participating in the Top 2 Tuesday! Today's topic is:
The top 2 things you want to accomplish before the end of the year.

1. Become a great mommy!!
I am due November 18th with our little girl, Kinsley Anne. I can't wait to become mama to her & spend time bonding with her 24/7 for 6+ weeks.

2. Go through my house & de-clutter!
Recently, perhaps due to nesting, I have been very good at this! But, I have so much more to do. I have a few more weekends that are not scheduled out minute-to-minute before Kinsley is born, so I plan to use those well & de-clutter all that I can. The space that needs the most help is the room with my desk/scrapbooking/bookshelf/etc is located. I have lots of stuff that needs to find a home or else it will be finding the inside of the circular file.

Until next time..
Love, Jen

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 years ago

9 years ago, I was in high school sitting in photography class.
9 years ago, my teacher turned on a TV in the classroom.
9 years ago, we watched as smoke rose from a tall building in NYC.
9 years ago, we watched in horror as another plane hit.
9 years ago, we watched in horror as towers fell to pieces.
9 years ago, my dad came to pick me up early from school.
9 years ago, I remember being fearful for my sister who was 10 hours away at college.
9 years ago, I sat at home and watched TV in complete fear for my life.
9 years ago, I asked "will they come here?"
9 years ago, I asked "what do they want from us?"
9 years ago changed the world that I would grow up in & my children would grow up in.
9 years ago is a day I will never forget.

Where were you 9 years ago?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

First of all, make sure to check out my other post from today (my 30wk update). Below is something new that I will be trying. A fellow blogger posts a "favorite 2" each Tuesday. Here is my first...

My Top 2 Favorite Things About Fall...

1) FOOTBALL!! I specifically remember the first time that football sparked curiosity in me. I was watching an Eagles game up in my room in Delaware & my dad walked in. I had him explain the positions to me & the point system, etc. Since then, I am probably more interested in watching football than even my husband is! My 2 teams are Philadelphia Eagles (we lived 20 minutes from their stadium) & the Clemson Tigers!

The Philadelphia fans, in general, are over the top & crazy. But, I love them anyway!

& I can't wait to go to the Clemson vs. Maryland game this year. Those 30 seconds (or less) of the players running down the hill, the orange balloon release, and the crazed fans never get old. It is also Clemson Football Alumni day & I will hopefully get to see many of the athletes that I mentored while in school.

2) Going on car rides with no set destination, just to see the colors changing on the trees. I plan to take a drive on Highway 11 with Kyle at some point. We will have to make frequent stops for back stretching & pee-pee breaks, but it will be worth it I'm sure!

Close behind is our annual trip to the pumpkin patch/apple orchard! This year will be the 3rd annual trip to Niven's!

To join in on Top 2 Tuesday, click here:

Mama Jen @ 30 weeks..

Weeks: 30 weeks Thursday

Cravings: Not really craving anything in particular. I am not really able to eat very much at a time which stinks. The only exception to that was Kyle made grilled cheese & soup the other day and I ate a whole sandwich and AN ENTIRE CAN OF LOADED BAKED POTATO SOUP!! I guess I was hungry.

Any foods you don't want? Still no hamburger, even though I tried again this Labor Day weekend.

Symptoms? Lots of movement. Kinsley had the hiccups Saturday morning and it just got me giggling. I have had Braxton Hicks contractions multiple times per day for the last several weeks. It is really the strangest feeling...Usually I will just be walking along & all of the sudden, my lower abdomen gets really tight and it makes it hard to walk. Kyle laughs because he says I waddle more when it happens. My sciatica is also back in full force. I guess her size has allowed her to press on the nerve again. I have to rotate the heating pad between my gallbladder and my right hip.

Showing: absolutely yes.

Boy or Girl?
Miss Kinsley Anne Settle

Bought anything? I actually bought some hair flowers & headbands. As soon as I get them in the mail (probably this week), I will take pictures and do a full post about them. They are from a fellow blogger & I am in love with them! I can't wait to put them on Kinsley Anne's sweet little head!

Shopping for anything? Not really. I have a shower with my coworkers on Thursday, a shower thrown by Kyle's mom's side on Saturday, & a shower thrown by Kyle's dad's side on 9/25.

..And the dad to be? On top of things! :) He takes such good care of me & only laughs a little when he has to pull me to a sitting position if I'm laying on my back. I am getting more & more excited to see him in action with Kinsley. He was laying on the couch with Avery (13wk old puppy) and Avery had her head all snuggled up next to his yesterday. I snapped the picture below & said to Kyle "in 2 months that will be a baby and not a puppy!" {Sorry about the quality of my blackberry pictures}

Most recent appointment? 8/24 for my 28wk appt. Everything was good - She's growing on schedule & her heartbeat was strong. I had my glucose tolerance test & honestly, the drink was not that bad! I had the fruit punch flavored version & it just had an interesting after taste. The worst part was having TONS of sugar on an empty stomach. Anyway, I passed my test!! That means, NO GESTATIONAL DIABETES! Yay! That was my last monthly appt & now I am onto every 2wk appts.

Next appointment? Today for my 30wk check! I'm not sure if they do anything differently at these 2 week appointments, but hopefully everything keeps trucking along. I can't believe I'll be full-term in 7 weeks! So exciting!

Onto non-pregnancy things..
  • Avery & Bowen (our 2 GSP's) continue to be best friends. They wake up in the mornings so excited to play with each other & Bowen pouts when I have to put her in her kennel when I go to work in the morning. He just sits by a tree in our front yard & stares at her. He has an invisible fence & soon when Avery is old enough to figure it all out, she will be able to stay out in the yard with Bowen.
  • Labor Day weekend was SO nice. We went to the lake on Saturday and just relaxed and let the dogs enjoy the water. Avery was overly exhausted from trying to keep up with big brother Bowen & slept for several hours. Bowen chewed a hole through an oversized tennis ball (we're talking a BIG ball) & when it was thrown into the water, it sunk. He swam for the greater part of 2 hours in a circle looking for it. Poor guy, I finally felt sorry for him, got in, and retrieved it for him. He ate like a champ Saturday night & slept really hard until I woke them up Sunday morning. Here they are relaxing (sorry for the bad pic again)..Avery on top of Bowen:
  • Sunday, we went to church, lunch, & then went to the Hendersonville Apple Festival. I forgot my camera so I have no pictures to share, but it was lots of fun. All of downtown Hendersonville is blocked off & there are sidewalk sales, street vendors (think crafts, art, clothing, not-for-profits, etc), and of course there was lots of food! The highlights were tasting apple cider slushies & getting a Kilwin's caramel apple. I may be craving one of these apples later this week now that mine is officially all gone! That caramel is to die for. I am salivating thinking about how tasty it was. By the time I got home, I just changed into pajamas, put my feet up, and rested. The heat definitely took it out of me more quickly than in my pre-pregnancy days.
  • Then yesterday was so unplanned & perfect. I let the puppies out at 6:30am to play & then went back to bed. When Kyle & I woke up, we just lounged in bed until we felt adequately rested & then got up. While I showered & got ready, Kyle made apple muffins for breakfast. They were delish! We then took a trip together for a new shower dress & shoes and a few things Kyle was needing to work on a deer stand. After our errands trip, we went and got BBQ at a new place in downtown Inman called Mud Bones. It was SOOO good. {please note that the thing I get most excited about these days is food} Then, I hunkered down on the couch with Miss Avery for a long afternoon nap. Last night, we cooked some supper & watched TV. It was so nice to just relax. I am now reenergized (for now at least) to make it through the next 2 months. Then, I get the best vacation a mom could ever ask for!! :)

Until next time..
Love, Jen

Kinsley Anne,
It is hard to explain how you can love someone so much that you've never even met, but we love you so much! We can't wait to meet you & scrutinize over every little detail of your perfectly designed self. Aside from us, there is a really big family waiting to love on you. Keep growing & getting some fat on those bones!! :)
Love, your mama & daddy

Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog Hoppin' Friday.

Welcome! I am Jen..a twenty-something wife & soon-to-be mommy. We are expecting our first child, a little girl named Kinsley Anne, in November. This blog is about all things crazy (& routine) going on in our life. Please feel free to join us on our ride through life!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From generation to generation....

With the birth of Kinsley Anne, comes the start of another generation {duh, what a profound statement}. However, what is so neat about this is that my mom has passed down several things for Kinsley to use that Katy (my older sister) and I also used. First and foremost, a cradle. This cradle was handmade by my PopPop (mom's deceased father). He was such an influential man in my life. I have written many papers, essays, and letters on how PopPop has influenced my life and here is a small bit of why....

Have you ever met a person that cared more about people than money? More about the genuine health of a patient than how the person may pay their copay? More about truly enjoying life than keeping up with the hustle and bustle? Well, I was lucky enough to know one of these rare people and it was my PopPop. He was a small town doctor who ran a family practice out of his own home. He frequently saw people at no cost if they could not afford it or offered to take a homemade snack in return for his services. He indisputably cared for each and every one of his patients and I believe he would have gone bankrupt seeing people if that's what it took to keep them well. He was an avid bird watcher, wood worker, and loved the outdoors. He drove a pale blue Ford F150 & had a camper that the entire family frequently used on vacations. He was one of those fathers that made it a part of the family dinner each night to ask "what did you do today that helped someone else?" I have many fond memories of my PopPop & a repeated memory that is etched in my memory forever is how my Nanny & PopPop always stood in their driveway in Chalfont, Pennsylvania and waved goodbye to us when we were done visiting.

Anyway, PopPop made this wonderful cradle/bassinet for Katy & I to use as babies and now my sweet little girl will get to use it. My mom and dad presented it to me at my baby shower. My mom actually took some material (yes, I'm aware that it's blue. I don't think it will kill her! hehe) that I had used in high school to recover a chair & pillow and made bedding for it. We have placed it in our bedroom to let Kinsley Anne stay in until she can sleep more than just 2-3 hours at a time. Below are 2 pictures of the cradle & I'll be sure to post another picture of it once precious Kinsley Anne is sleeping in it :)

Another hand-me-down is my mom's & Aunt Fran's christening gown. There is no "size" labeled on it, but I will be sure to make sure that Kinsley Anne wears it. Hopefully it will be the correct size for her baby dedication at church (which doesn't happen usually until around 6-9 months)!! It is so pretty. The picture below is one of my baby dolls from childhood dressed in the gown. My mom laid her in the bassinet and gave it to me at the shower.

Other passed down goodies include LOTS of smocked dresses, shoes, and hats. I love that Kinsley will have all of these hand made dresses to wear and will get to wear some of the same little shoes & bonnets that Katy & I wore. Katy...look out! It's all coming to you when I'm finished with it :)

Until next time..
Love, Jen