Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Are We Eating Tonight?

My husband, Kyle, has always been a big fan of Dave Ramsey. We have never actually done his total money makeover program but listen to him on the radio frequently & have made attempts (some very successfully) to do as he recommends. One of the programs that he endorses is E-Mealz. We have discussed this as an option for about a year now & we finally signed up just over 1 week ago. The purpose of E-Mealz is to take the planning work out of grocery shopping & cooking. This is perfect for us since we could have a pantry full of food & still stand there for 30 minutes asking each other, what should we eat tonight? It is a mere $5/month & for that, you get a weekly meal plan for your suppers (5/wk). This includes what you'll eat, the ingredients you'll need for those meals, the recipe, and the best part..the shopping list! We signed up for the "Publix meal plan for 2" and it comes up with a meal plan based on what's on sale at Publix that week. Therefore, I take my grocery list that is already divided by dairy, produce, meats, etc & it tells you what brands are on sale. Life simplified!! We tried this last week & our grocery bill, without any couponing, was $75. This includes ALL of my groceries (not just the suppers that are provided by E-Mealz). The typical cost of food just for the suppers on E-Mealz is $35-45/week. This week, I am including our menu (but E-Mealz asks not to share the recipes with the public since that's how they keep cost so low) in case you might be interested in joining.

Meal 1: Deep Dish Pizza Casserole with Italian Salad
Meal 2: Cheesy Chicken & Ranch, steamed broccoli, garlic toast, and Banana Griller for dessert
Meal 3: BBQ Meatballs, garlic toast, and salad
Meal 4: Teriyaki Shrimp, scalloped potatoes, & steamed green beans
Meal 5: Cheesy Sausage Florentine, fresh squash, fried okra

*Of course, you can substitute veggies if you don't like something. Or, something Kyle & I found ourselves doing right from the start was looking at the sides & picking just one that we wanted. We typically don't eat meat + 3 sides style meals, so we figured to cut cost even more, we would continue eating the meat + 1 side meals that we are used to.

*Another thing worth mentioning, is that there are low-fat and low-carb meal options available too. I haven't tried them, so I can't comment on how the food tastes. However, our first week was great. Prep time was very short & actually quite easy!!

*I was paid nothing to write up this post on E-Mealz (bummer, huh)...just thought I would share our great find with other bloggers!!

Until next time..
Love, Jen

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