Monday, August 23, 2010

Mama Jen @ 28 weeks..

Weeks: 28 weeks Thursday

Cravings: I don't know that I've craved anything strange lately. But mannn, the homemade Butterfinger ice cream that I made yesterday sure hit the spot!!

Any foods you don't want? Not really...other than my typical pre-pregnancy stuff (citrus in particular)

Symptoms? Stronger & stronger movements. I can now feel when she turns, and scrooches. She also has some serious force behind her punches & kicks. She is one feisty little girl. I enjoy that it is something that only I can feel (other than when people put their hands on my belly, but that's not quite the same). It's something so special that she & I share. I frequently start giggling in church because she more often than not, gets all riled up while we're sitting in there. Yesterday she started out kicking my bladder but decided to turn all kinds of ways & ended up kicking or punching the top of my stomach. My entire stomach was was quite amusing. I am also nesting. Is it too early to start?? Who knows, but it's here & in full force. Kyle has to frequently settle me down because he wants to have a moment to "chill." My house will look really pretty soon though!! :)

Showing: undeniably.

Boy or Girl?
Miss Kinsley Anne Settle

Bought anything? THE CUTEST Izod Rain boots & a "Life is Good" blanket. Also, some drawer organizers in a pink & green paisley for her dresser to put socks, onesies, etc in.

above rain boots: Marshall's HomeGoods, $9.99

Shopping for anything? Nope! We will just wait until after my next 3 showers to see what we need!

..And the dad to be? Awesome! He has really stepped up helping me out since I can't quite do everything I used to do. He came grocery shopping with me last night, helped me move furniture so that the floors could be mopped yesterday (that just had to be done in the middle of everything), helped me bang out all of our rugs, etc. He also tells me to just rest when he can sense that I'm getting tired. I have a tendency to overdo it because I don't like to ask for help...but he's trying to put a stop to that :)

Most recent appointment? Last week I went for a "sick" followup & heard Kinsley Anne's heartbeat, strong as always! I have been having some pains over the last 3 weeks on the right side of my upper abdomen. They are thinking maybe it's gallbladder dysfunction. I had an abdominal ultrasound, which showed no gallstones..meaning no immediate need for surgery, etc. GREAT NEWS! I am now taking a medication to help a little bit and I am trying to be decently conscious of the things I eat (minus homemade ice cream yesterday). I can definitely tell if I cheat & eat a meal high in fat. As to what they will do for my gallbladder long term? They don't know. My doctor last week said that gallbladder dysfunction can be transient, meaning it will go away post-delivery, which is what we're hoping for. If the pain persists post-delivery, I will have a different kind of scan, a HIDA scan done (which you can't have done during pregnancy because of the radioactive tracer that they use). That will help them determine if I need my gallbladder taken out. Anyway, it may be nothing, so I'm not worried, and neither should you!! :)

Next appointment? Tomorrow is my 28wk appt. I am going to drink my 10oz of yumminess tomorrow for my 1hr glucose tolerance test. I am praying for good results for many reasons (I want to be healthy for baby Kinsley, gestational diabetes frequently means bigger babies, and I don't want to have to do the 3hr glucose tolerance test!) & you can join in with me if you'd like!! Tomorrow marks my last monthly visit. After that, it's onto my every 2 week visits!! Time is flying!!!!

Onto non-pregnancy things..
  • As always, there is never a dull moment in our household. About 1.5 wks ago, Kyle got a phone call from the breeder of Bowen, our 1.5yr old German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP). She was letting us know that Bowen's parents had mated again, and had a litter of 6 puppies on June 5th. She had 1 female & 1 male left, and was willing to give one or both to us for free. Kyle & I have discussed for the last 6months+ when the right time for a 2nd puppy would be, knowing we wanted that to happen at some point. Kyle asked the breeder to email us information about the puppies, why they were not yet spoken for, and pictures. Interestingly enough, many people wanted these puppies, but she did not feel that their lifestyles suited the dogs well & she knew how much Bowen loved his house and she wanted us to give him a friend (or 2!). So, we received the pictures & fell in love immediately with the little girl. We arranged to go meet her, bring Bowen along, to make sure that she was what we wanted & that Bowen would like to be a big brother. Bowen was great with her, allowing her to furnish him with 100s of kisses to the nose. They went swimming in the lake (the breeders live on Lake Murray) together and really seemed to get along well. We brought her home last Saturday & have not turned back. Avery has quickly become an important part of our family & although some think we're absolutely out of our minds for adding a puppy to our home in my 3rd trimester, I think it was worked out extraordinarily well. She is a sweetheart, sleeps through the night (minus if she realllllly has to go to the bathroom, which has been 1-2 times since we got her), loves Bowen completely & follows him around constantly, & is such a good snuggler for naptime. You can see her precious self below & then below that is a picture of our 2 babies together.

Until next time..
Love, Jen

Kinsley Anne,
WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I can't tell you that enough!!! Everytime I see a sweet baby, I can't help but smile thinking of what you might look like. In less then 3 short months, you will be at home with your mama & daddy and we will just be hugging and kissing on you all of the time. We are so ready to meet you, but in the meantime, keep growing & developing perfectly!!
Love, your mama & daddy


Theresa said...

So sweet!! I love reading about pregnant is just such a special time. I LOVED being pregnant!

I think of my blog as something my girls can look back at, a memento or keepsake of this time in our lives...yours will be really special for your daughter!

Sherry Reese said...

Awww those shoes and the doggies are so cute! I am a dog lover too! The name you have chosen is also really sweet. I am glad I am a follower of your blog and that you live pretty close to us! Enjoy this special time and keep blogging! Theresa is right, blogs can become excellent mementos. I have always wanted to write my "memoirs" so I find blogging a great way to do so. I have started printing my blog entries about the first 7 years of our marriage which is a great way to print pictures and writings about your life to keep for years to come. You may find that beneficial when little one arrives, and you take tons of pictures of her! :o)

Rebecca Watson said...

we love our sweet puppy named Gunner whois also a GSP! They are such sweet dogs! I can't get enough of them! Best dogs over!!!!