Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mama Jen @ 26 weeks..

Weeks: 26 weeks Thursday

Cravings: Stilllll craving salad. In fact I frequently choose to eat a little Salad for snack rather than a candy bar..[but not always..hehe]...I know, I know.. this is not the Jen I am familiar with either. But generally, I'm just hungry still. Almost all things food sound good to me.

Any foods you don't want? Unfortunately for my low hemoglobin count, I am still not loving red meat. I find my iron elsewhere though...no worries.

Symptoms? MOVEMENT!!!! Kinsley will be a soccer player, gymnast, cheerleader, or something along those lines. I mean this girl can move!! I got so tickled on the way to the beach 2 weekends ago sitting in the car because my entire stomach would move and I could feel her up high and down low. Maybe she was doing a split or straddle?? There have been a few mornings that I have woken up at 4am or so because she gets SO active. One morning when Kyle's alarm on his radio went off, I'm pretty sure it startled her, because there was a hard thump and then nothing..whoops. I believe that sleep is going to start getting a little more difficult. bummer...Also, I am more tired again. Last week in particular, I took a nap almost every day after work. It's really hard for me to get up and keep going again before bedtime but I make myself.

Showing: oh yes.

Boy or Girl?
Miss Kinsley Anne Settle

Bought anything? Actually, I bought 2 candle sconces for the wall where her name is hanging. I bought 1 of the 2 necessary candles as well. The below sconces were $11.99/ea & the candles were $8.99 at Hobby Lobby, but then all of it was 50% off. I am also proud of myself. I made her a cute bow holder for her closet. I will post a picture & if you're interested in purchasing one for $5, let me know!

Shopping for anything? I will continue to look casually for wall hangings although I have found what I wanted for the most important walls!

..And the dad to be? Really well informed! Everytime I say, "Kyle I feel like...." or "Kyle, what do you think this could be?" He almost always has an answer! He has been reading his books & has most definitely done a better job preparing than I have. I am thrilled to see him in action in 3 months!

Most recent appointment? 7/27 was my 24 week appointment. Everything went great. I got an antibiotic for my sinus infection (and feel like a new person), heard Kinsley Anne's precious heartbeat (138-142bpm), and measured well for a November due date.

Next appointment? 8/24 for my 28 week appointment. I have my glucose tolerance test that day..wish me luck! I have 10oz of fruit punch (or at least that's what I will be pretending that it is) to drink 1 hr before my appointment. They will then check my blood sugar to make sure that my body responds appropriately. I have to get my platelets and hemoglobin checked at this visit as well. It seems that since I'm pregnant, both of these have gone down according to my routine GI bloodwork. The hemoglobin is no shock to anyone since my stores are not great due to my "
anemia of chronic disease." My platelets being low surprised me a bit, but the OB said that this is not uncommon in pregnancy. It is called Thrombocytopenia in Pregnancy. No big deal is the consensus...just monitor it.

Onto non-pregnancy things..
  • Kyle & I have still been on the move. Two weekends ago, we went to the beach with my parents. They stayed in a house at Surfside Beach. It was great to see them again. We went for a nice walk on the beach & of course a little swim. Kinsley got to "ride a wave in" and she got really calm out in the water. I think she'll be a water bug like my sister & I. We also fished at the pier Saturday night & I caught an 18in shark!!! It was kind of scary but fun. It was the first fish to be caught in our family & also the biggest. Kyle got the most fish, catching 2 sharks. I can't wait to see my family in just 2.5 weeks up in North Carolina.
This past weekend, we took it pretty easy. Kyle had some things to do outside & I did a lot of relaxing, sleeping, & also found time for a little shopping. We had a cornhole tournament & corn roast at Church Sunday night. Kyle were in charge of cooking corn & we made something like 5 dozen ears. It was delicious!! If you are in the upstate, Belue Farms in Boiling Springs, SC has some amazing produce & yummy goodies for sale. It's worth the time to check them out.
  • This weekend, I am looking forward to a few things. Saturday, I would LOVE to go to the lake a little while & then Kyle and I will probably decide on a nice place to eat for our 2 year anniversary. It is coming up on the 16th & I am so incredibly lucky to have an amazing husband and soon to be daddy by my side. Sunday, I am excited about going to Kyle's cousin's baby shower. Unbelievably, she is due exactly 1 month prior to me, on October 18th with a little boy. I am so happy that Kinsley will have a cousin to protect her & play with while growing up! She has a jungle theme going on in her nursery & I will post pictures from the shower afterwards.
  • Also, I am still working on a post about being lucky enough to have a few things for Kinsley that are family heirlooms. Look for that soon!
  • Until next time..
    Love, Jen

    Kinsley Anne,
    WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I tell you that every day but I can't wai to show you by hugging & kissing on you! 3 months is going to fly by & who knows. Maybe you will have plans, unlike your mommy, to make your appearance before your due date (but full term nonetheless please!). It is a blessing to know that you are still growing strong & developing normally. We love you & can't wait to meet you sweet girl!!!!
    Love, your mama & daddy

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