Tuesday, August 24, 2010

About ME!

Full Name:
Jennifer Gilbert Settle
Age: 25
Birth date: 7.8.1985
Astrological sign: Cancer
Marital status: Happily married to Kyle for 2 years.
Children: Kinsley Anne (delivery date TBD..due 11/12/10-11/18/10)
Siblings: 1 older sister, Katy who is one of my VERY best friends!
Pets: 2 dogs (Bowen & Avery, both German Shorthaired Pointers) & 1 bunny (Alfalfa)
Nicknames: Jen, Jenny, {used to be called Gilbert and occasionally still am}, slug (lovingly by my parents who thought I was a littttttle slow-moving at times), etc
Career: pediatric neurology nurse practitioner
School: DONE :)

Color: pink & coral
Food: hmm, that is really hard because I LOVE FOOD & EATING! My top 3 would be sushi, sweet corn on the cob in the summer, & crabs
Beverage: water & caffeine free diet coke
Number: 17
Flower: calla lilies
Book: Nicholas Sparks, Marley & Me, The Longest Trip Home, & other books that make me cry haha
Movie: The Notebook, Marley & Me, Toy Story, The Goonies, & many others
Actor/Actress: Denzel Washington & Hilary Swank were the first 2 to come to my mind.
TV show: Real Housewives of New Jersey (although Danielle is starting to drive me UP THE WALL!)
Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A!!!! hands down.
Store: TJ Maxx & Marshalls HomeGoods
Board Game: Life or Monopoly
CD: Zac Brown Band or Lady Antebellum
Singer/Band: Lady A, Darius Rucker, Zac Brown Band, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, and LOTS of others. I love singing along to anything that sounds good...
Musical Instrument(s): I have played piano, flute, and piccolo..but I'd have to say piano is the favorite.
Cologne/Perfume: Burberry Brit
Computer Game: Bejeweled Blitz which I don't play frequently. I like brickbreaker on my blackberry though & play in the waiting room of all of my OB appts!
Thing to do on the Weekend: I actually like the quiet, no plans weekends best. But those are few & far between. So, seeing family, hanging out with my husband and puppies, and taking a nap would be on the top of my list.
Holiday: Christmas. I was just actually talking about how stinkin' excited I am for Christmas this year because sweet Kinsley Anne will be here!!!!! {and between you & I, I listened to a Christmas song last night!}

..Least Favorites..
Color: red
Beverage: beer
Movie: the blood & guts movies - I don't mind action, just don't love the killing, war story & gang movies

..Have You Ever?..
Been In Love: yes & how sweet it is!
Used Tobacco (smoke or chew): never
Drank Alcohol: on occasion I love a good martini....
Smoked weed: never
Done Drugs: never
Broken the Law: I speed driving to work every day.
Thought you were going to die: don't think I quite thought I would die, but I was pretty sick last year..in the hospital for 3 weeks with Ulcerative Colitis & they kept talking surgery to remove my large intestine...that is pretty life changing!
Run away from home: nope.
Lied: of course. do i make a habit of it? no.
Skinny Dipped: yep!
Had a Medical Emergency: yes

..Do You Believe In?..
Love at first sight: To a degree...Love is a strong thing..lust definitely, adoration absolutely, love i'm on the fence about.
Luck: yes
God: Absolutely. He is a constant companion & I take comfort in knowing that he has a plan..I just have to figure it out.
Aliens: Not particularly
Ghosts: Not really
Horoscopes: I believe that they're written to be applicable to anyone
Heaven: Yes!
Hell: Yes
Angels: Yes
Yourself: Yes...some days more than others.

..Which Is Better?..
Coke or Pepsi: Coke products!!!!
Oranges or apples: apples..I despise citrus.
One pillow or two: Currently a pillow under my head & a body pillow
Pools or hot tubs: depends on the temp outside. There's nothing better than a hot tub on a snowy day! But I love pools too.
Windows or AC: A/C
TV or radio: Radio
Paper or plastic: Is that even an option anymore? I always get plastic. I know, I'm horrible for the environment.

..When Was The Last Time You?..
Cried: When I woke up with a horrid leg cramp at 1am that wouldn't go away and I couldn't bend my leg.
Went to a movie: Recently to see Inception. Crazy.
Talked on the phone: On the way back from my OB appt to work..I let Kyle know how the doc was.
Read a book: I worked through Crazy Love as a Bible Study. As far as a novel, it was 3 Weeks with My Brother by Nicholas Sparks
Your most prized and important possession: wedding rings, photo albums/scrapbook, wedding album & cd of all of my wedding pictures
Your biggest accomplishment: landing a great career, marrying my husband
Your biggest fear: something happening to my family
Your greatest talent: loving unconditionally & hopefully soon I can say that I am a great mommy

..What Do You Think Of?..
Abortion: i could never do it but I'm not sure that I can make a statement saying that woman should never have a choice. I do, however, think the mom should first have to view an ultrasound before making that decision.
Pre-Marital Sex: I personally don't agree with it. I waited & it didn't kill me. However, with that said, I don't think that anyone is a bad person if they choose not to agree with me.
Death Penalty: I think it has its place. However, I would have a VERY hard time being the person administering the injection, flipping the switch, or pulling the trigger.

Makes You Laugh the Most: Kyle, my family, Kyle's family, my patients.
Is the Nicest Person You Know: probably my Nanny
Do you go to for advice: my husband or sister
Do you hate: nobody, it's not worth it.
Knows the most about you: Kyle & Katy
Has it easier, guys or girls: Obviously it's easier for me to say guys.
Sends you the most emails: The world of spam. But aside from that, probably Kyle.

..What Makes You?..
Really Happy: getting a good night's sleep, taking a good nap, my awesome hubby, playing with my puppies, hearing Kinsley Anne's heartbeat & seeing her sweet face, getting ready for November...
Really Sad: some of my patient's situations/conditions
Really Angry: abuse (child, sexual, etc), senseless crime, ignorance, cockiness, oblivious people...

..What About?..
School: Done with it for now. Won't say I'll never go back, but the incentives would have to be pretty great!
Your friends: I have a few really close & genuine friends and I love them all! :)
Being female: Wouldn't trade this for the world. I find it to be quite the privilege and pleasure to be carrying a growing baby inside of me despite my aches & pains.
Life: I try to keep life in perspective & remember that someone is always going to be better off & worse off than myself...even on my best days & even on my worst days.

..Are You?..
A Rebel Or Do You Follow All The Rules: Usually a follower of rules..but not always.
A Leader Or A Follower: I like to be a leader but definitely know when to shut up and follow
A Good Friend: I try to be! I am a very loyal person..& sometimes more than I probably should be.
A Good Listener: I'm working on it. I need to do more listening & less speaking.
Shy Or Outgoing: Usually outgoing

..About The Future?..

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? happily married with Kinsley Anne as a healthy 10 year old & hopefully she will have a brother or sister! I plan to be in a house that Kyle & I design & build living on our 10 acres that we already own.
Do You Like To Dream Ahead Or Go With The Flow: I like to dream ahead (which is different than planning ahead), whereas Kyle is more of the realist, but I am good at going with the flow as well.

* I hope that this helps you get to know me more. Have more questions you want me to add to the list & answer? Leave them in a comment! *

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