Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mama Jen @ 21.5 weeks...

Weeks: 21.5+ weeks

Cravings: can't say I'm craving much this week. I'm just hungrier in general! I drink tons of water. Oh, and I crave air conditioning..does that count?? :)

Any foods you don't want? I haven't really wanted a hamburger (that I started eating 2 years ago), and that's all that I can think of not wanting to eat! haha this could be a problem..

Symptoms? She's the karate kid! She moves around all of the time & man, does this girl have personality as evidenced by the ultrasounds I've had (more to come on that below). Kyle is convinced she's a mama's girl because every time he lays a hand on my belly to feel her moving, she keeps really still. Then, he takes his hand off and you can see my belly move. It's the funniest thing. The people at work think maybe he has a calming effect on her..let's hope!

Showing: yes & so is the outty belly button! But I love my pregnant belly & hopefully the outty is just for the next few months!

Boy or Girl?
Miss Kinsley Anne Settle

Bought anything? I haven't really bought anything that I can think of. Truthfully, I don't need to!!

I have received so many generous gifts! My parents hosted a baby shower/4th of July picnic at their house this past weekend. It was so amazing to get to see family & some family friends. Below are some of the items I have received (in addition to burp cloths, tons of SO CUTE clothes, bibs [and even one by my Nanny that has Kinsley's name sewn on it!], socks, shoes, monogrammed bloomers, blankets, swimsuits, grocery cart cover, sun dome, diaper genie, etc.) Kinsley Anne is one lucky little girl!!

Below is the Chicco Cortina Travel System- Discovery. Given by my grandparents:
Below is the cherry Eddie Bauer high chair. Given by the Duncans:

Below is the crib we bought ourselves, along with the dresser that is to the left of the crib in this picture...and no, this is not the nursery in our house:

More pictures of gifts/baby items to come!!

Shopping for anything? Currently I can't say that I am .. Kinsley, Kyle, and I are so blessed to have people in our life that have been SO generous to her!!

..And the dad to be? He is excited as he has been this whole time. I don't think that will change. He has, like me, really enjoyed seeing her on ultrasound. It's amazing that she can have so much personality bottled up in her 13 ounce body!

Most recent appointment? 6/29 was my 20 week appointment. It started off with ultrasound & we got to see all the little parts of her body. Up on the screen, it looks like she is big enough to be born, but in reality she is still under the 1lb mark. She is on track, however, to be born somewhere in the 11/12/10-11/18/10 range. She has the most perfect beating heart that structurally is just the way it should be! After rotating through NICU (neonatal ICU) & PICU (pediatric ICU), this put my heart at ease! Her stomach, kidneys, skull, and brain are all perfectly formed & developing. She has 5 fingers & 5 toes. She is seriously everything I've ever dreamed of. It's amazing to see when you're only halfway through your pregnancy.

Regarding her personality, she was sleeping during part of the ultrasound and the tech needed her to move (because she was sleeping with her hands up by her ears & they were in the way of the profile picture the tech wanted). Well, it took probably 10 minutes to wake her up and when she finally woke up, she was as mad as a hornet. She was flailing those little arms & kicking those little legs with all of her might. I guess she takes after her mama when it comes to sleeping! :) Then, when the tech asked if we wanted more "girl part" pictures, Kinsley kindly crossed her legs. Her daddy was proud of her!!!!!

Next appointment? 7/27 for my 24 week checkup..I just can't believe that I'm almost at the end of my 2nd trimester!

Onto non-pregnancy things..
  • I had a birthday last week & we celebrated so much..it was fun! Having little Kinsley wake me up in the morning with her kicks was the best birthday gift. On my birthday, we went up to Columbus, NC to eat at Larkin's Grill & I had such a yummy crab cake sandwich. The next night, Kyle took me to my favorite..Olive Garden. I tried out a new entree that they are featuring...crab and shrimp ravioli...YUMMMMM!!! I can't wait to go again. Then, my sister came up Friday night & on Saturday we went to the lake during the day, Fuddrucker's for supper, and Frankie's Fun Park Saturday night. It was my first visit to Frankie's and it was so much fun! We played laser tag, drove go karts, and played arcade game. I can't wait to make a return trip. Katy traveled safely back home on Sunday and we can't wait to see her again soon! She brought her 6month old black lab puppy, Tillman (named after Clemson's clock tower). Bowen played his heart out with Tillman and still has not stopped looking for his buddy.
  • Kyle and I are headed to Charleston Friday for a wedding that Kyle is in. David & Emily are getting married (David went to the Citadel and worked with Kyle at Fluor). We are so very excited & Emily will be SUCH a beautiful bride...pictures will follow in the next post.
  • Kyle's grandmother (his father's stepmom) is going to MUSC to be worked up for a heart transplant. She will be in doctor's appointments Monday-Wednesday next week, so pray for her to keep up a hopeful spirit because these few days will be taxing on her body.
  • I am working on a blog post full of memories & friend's thoughts on Nate Henn. He was such a loyal friend to me in high school & beyond, into college and adulthood. He has been working with a non-profit organization in California & traveling cross-country, and on my birthday, he wished me a happy birthday and also found out that I was pregnant. He was SO excited. He said that we needed to catch up soon...and that was the last I heard from him. It is breaking my heart to think of his life being cut short that way but he lived out his dream & died living such a passionate life. Please continue your prayers for his family..his little brother was in a plane crash on his way to be with his family in NC yesterday afternoon but is OK. The pilot passed away, so they have been under immeasurable amounts of stress. I can't fathom their pain. Please just pray. More on this whole situation to come...
Until next time..
Love, Jen

**Kinsley Anne, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

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