Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mama Jen @ 14 weeks

Weeks: 14.

Weight gain: i'm thinking of taking this out of my blog updates. I honestly don't weigh myself anymore and probably won't except when the nurse says "step on the scale" at my OB checkups :)

Cravings: salty foods still (but I'm TRYING to keep it to a minimum), apples, salads, chips

Any foods you don't want? Shrimp..don't ask, because I really like them!! But I swear they taste different now.

Symptoms? Actually feeling pretty good. My vitamins at time can stop me up (I know, I know..) and I occasionally get a quick cramp in my belly just to remind me that it's ever-expanding.

Showing: so, yesterday, I was in our bathroom getting ready for bed (changing from clothes to PJs) and kyle said to me "wait, YOU HAVE A PREGNANT STOMACH!!!!! turn around, turn around" and we proceeded to giggle like little kids just imagining who was in there! :) I am uncomfortable in my pre-pregnancy pants & even had to unbutton them one afternoon, but don't feel quite ready to make the move to maternity pants. It will come soon, I am certain. I have occasionally worn maternity shirts or dresses mainly because they fit my chest so nicely!!! (it truly is some type of miracle that size small fits me up there!)

Boy or Girl?
Really not sure. and neither are the people around me. half say boy, half say girl. we shall know soon enough!! (well not really, i want to know yesterday, but i guess i'll have to be patient for another 2 weeks!)

Bought anything? No baby things. I did receive 2 Citadel onesies and a citadel hat/mitten set for baby on Mother's day from kyle's mommy. I also bought a new bra yesterday (my 2nd increase in size thus far...the growth has GOT to stop at some point...right?!?)

Shopping for anything? I occasionally browse Babies R Us for ideas of things I like but I am waiting to make any final decisions on things until I know boy vs. girl. Then, I will be going to purchase a few things and begin registering!

..And the dad to be? Still so excited. I love when he wants to rub my belly. It makes me feel so loved & I'm sure baby feels the same way too :)

Most recent appointment? The 12 week appointment when I got to hear "lil z" kicking and hear his/her heart beating. Lil Z is a name affectionately given to my baby by my coworkers. It stood for little zygote, but has stuck with us past that stage. When I label food in the fridge at work, it is labeled "lil z."

Next appointment? June 3rd!!!!

Onto non-pregnancy things..
  • It has been > 1 year since I was admitted to the hospital...a BIG hooray to that!! Ironically, June 3rd (the day we find out boy vs girl) is the day I was discharged from a hospital. All of this has helped me realize truly how much difference one year can make. I think years will start to fly faster once we have a little one to keep up with!
  • We are SOOO excited that one of Kyle's very best friends, Garrett, is back home on US soil. Garrett is in the US Navy & has been in Japan for quite some time. He is finally able to live for a few months with his beautiful wife before having to go back international. We are very excited that we will be able to go visit with him, his wife, and his family next weekend.
  • I must admit that I was told today by a patient's mom that she was bragging about me on facebook. I think I've moved up in the world!! :) haha
  • I am jealous of my good friend Candace who just went on a trip to San Francisco. I have to say I was invited and unfortunately had to decline since I have maternity leave looming in my future...which, in turn means I have to save up time off for the rest of the year..or all of eternity now that I will have a child that is bound to be sick intermittently.
  • Bowen has become increasingly attached to my lap. Last night, he was laying on the sofa with me and he could not simply be next to me. He had to be on me. I just looked at Kyle with the most pitiful eyes as my baby boy snored in my lap peacefully asleep and said "how jealous is he really going to be?"....actually as I type this now, he is standing next to me and just staring up at me, as if saying.."mom, am I being replaced?" the thought kills me...am I weird??
  • Another bowen story. He amazes me. He truly and absolutely has a memory. So, this morning in an effort to avoid him from jumping in my passenger seat as he frequently does as I open my car door to go to work, I went and got his ball out of a gutter drain that he frequently kicks it into while playing "soccer" with it. Well, he was just so excited and played hard immediately with it. When I got home after work, I asked him, "Bowen, where's your ball?" He went straight to the drain..where the ball frequently is, no surprise there. Well, I stuck my hand in..and no ball. So, I look at him and say, "no really Bowen, where's your ball?" So at that point, I completely saw a lightbulb go off over his head and he runs a few feet and looks at me. Again, "Bowen, where's your ball?" He takes off at this point to the very back of the yard and goes on point. He was still pointing when I got to him, and there is the ball, about 1.5 feet over the line of his invisible fence. Man, he's smart! I gave it back to the happiest, most trusting dog and back to playing soccer he went.
  • As a personal recommendation, as mentioned previously, I bought a bra this week. So, if anyone in the Greenville, SC area is looking for a really good bra, even if you're a hard-to-find size, check out Breakout Bras. They have a website (breakoutbras.com) and their selection is unbelievable. They are somewhat pricey, but if you have ever bought any UK-imported bras, you know they don't come cheap and they are well made and will last. They have band sizes from 28 and up as well as cup sizes up to JJ. They have regular bras, lingerie, swimsuits (one piece, tankini, bikini, and maternity), nursing/maternity bras, and panties. They have people who fit you to the right size and it is well worth the extra money. And no..they are not paying me to say this! :) If you are in the upstate, but not Greenville, you can order online with free shipping and return at no cost to the store as long as the bra is unworn and unscented (they prefer you try on an ordered bra just after showering, before deodorant/perfume in case you need to return).
  • Soon, I will become brave enough, and post up-to-date pictures of myself. But until next time,
love yall!

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