Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mama Jen @ 12 Weeks..

So, I've been a slacker, as always. But with my sister's persistent begging, I have finally posted!
I'll start with pregnancy things.

Weeks: 12 tomorrow.

Weight gain: let's not speak about that. it's somewhere in the "expected range" & that's all I'll say. haha

Cravings: salty foods & salads.

Any foods you don't want? I actually don't want sweets. Cookies look good, but don't taste good. Yesterday I even bought Reese's cups and tried one despite the smell not actually smelling good..and I left the other in the package (straaange for me).

Symptoms? I am excessively tired and occasionally dizzy, but I have yet to throw up or feel violently nauseous. I feel good!

Showing: the slightest beginning to my baby bump has formed. Kyle & I can tell, but my coworkers laugh when I talk about it.

Boy or Girl?
My newfound motherly instinct (or just taking a quick peek at kyle's family tree) is saying boy.

Bought anything? Not this past week. Prior to these posts, I have bought a couple cute outfits (on clearance, duh). I also have been given a couple really cute & soft blankets, hats, and bibs. This baby is going to be spoiled rotten!!

Shopping for anything? Currently the things that have my attention are 2 strollers (a Graco and a Safety 1st) and a few cribs. We're not buying yet, but I have begun my wish lists, mainly based on consumer reports and styles that we like :)

..And the dad to be? He is so excited as well. Poor Kyle had to listen to me worry sick that "maybe I wasn't pregnant anymore" prior to today's appointment because I have felt so good. I called him nearly screaming after today's appointment with excitement that, indeed, just like he had reassured me 1320597236 times, I WAS STILL PREGNANT!

Most recent appointment? Today! They did the doppler & I heard the strongest, most regular heartbeat that was interrupted by this "thump" every 10 seconds or so and the sweet nurse, said "Jen, I know you can't feel this, but that's your baby kicking!" That was so exciting for me, I'm not sure why..just to know that he/she is healthy enough to kick around in there was overwhelming! The heart rate was in the 150s. Last visit was 160.

Next appointment? June 3rd.

Onto non-pregnancy things..
  • Relay for Life was Friday night (7pm-7am) and our goal was $85,000 and so far, we have banked $102,467.71!!!!! It was such a fun (and big!) event. I got a migraine at 3am, probably from my single diet coke serving, 2 hot dogs, and lack of sleep. I headed home at 3:30am which almost made me cry. I don't like leaving early from those events. I just feel like I need to sacrifice 12 hours of my time for those cancer patients that never stop fighting. However, I was told that I also had to take care of myself. So I obeyed.
  • Call me crazy, but I truly think Bowen senses that something is changing. He, for some unknown reason, has suddenly decided that he really wants to sleep next to me at night. {no, not on the bed} He lays down next to my side of the bed and puts his head just barely under the bed with his body/legs sticking out. Kyle let him sleep all night there one night, but otherwise he gets to nap there until we are ready to sleep & then off to his crate he goes.
Until Next time....
Love, Jen

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