Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Simply Amazing!

So, I was SUPER excited when I woke up Tuesday morning. Do you know why? Because I was going to the doctor for my first prenatal appointment!! We (me, kyle, mom, nanny) arrived & I filled out some prenatal risk assessments and then weighed, pee-peed in a cup, and waited for ultrasound. I only had to wait for 1 person, so I was so happy. I went inside & everyone was able to come in with me and there were multiple screens to watch. We got to see baby Settle & the tech was really nice about explaining what we were seeing. We saw baby's head, arm buds, leg buds, and HEART beating!!! Then, the most exciting part came when the tech turned on the sound and we got to watch & LISTEN TO the heartbeat. It was absolutely amazing to hear that little noise. I look forward to hearing it each time we go. The tech measured me at about 8 weeks, rather than the 9 weeks I am by dates. My official due date was said to be November 18th! There is already a pool getting started within the family for dates & times of delivery, which I think is pretty neat! I think November 17th & Kyle thinks November 19th. Katy, my sister, had the best pick.. she said, "if it's anything like Jen, it will be slow coming!" I somewhat agree. My mom's due date with me was June 22nd and I came by induction July 8th.

Anyway, back to the went great overall. Lots of congratulations, a full exam, lots of information. We were given a "pregnancy bible" to read over as the staff called it, saying that almost all of our questions would be answered in there. We talked about medicines I could safely take for common problems, including my migraines, and what foods to eat or avoid. I saw Dr. Beck today, who is fairly young, and she was awesome! Very laid back, asked lots of questions about my UC and medication, and was in no way judgmental of our decision. If anything, her instinct told her I would probably feel even better from a UC standpoint while pregnant. She said that there was currently no reason for me to be "high risk" which was music to my ears since that was brought up as a possibility in past visits. I will be going back to the doctor May 3rd & continue going monthly until 28weeks, then every 2 weeks until 36weeks, then weekly until delivery. I was so pleased to find out that we will most likely have multiple ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy, which was a bit of a surprise as I've heard that you can only have 1 or 2 because of insurance. I am glad we will get to see baby Settle grow inside of me!

Kyle & I are on cloud 9 and it was great for my mom to see her 1st grandbaby and my nanny to see her 1st GREAT grandbaby. I think everyone was just happy to see that things were progressing well. Please continue to send your prayers up for us that the pregnancy will continue to go well & that baby continues to grow as he/she is supposed to.

Love yall,

Dear Baby Settle,
It was great to see you 2 days ago. It felt like I waited an eternity to be able to see that heart flickering and hear that heart beating! I am so glad you are growing as you should & I can't wait to watch you progress. My mom has already got me excited thinking about feeling you kick for the first time. Your daddy and I pray for you all the time & we are excited that it will only be 2-3 months before we find out if you are a little boy or little girl. Last night, your daddy, grandmom, great nanny, and me sat in the room that will soon be yours & just imagined "what if..." It was pretty fun to think about...but in reality, all we care about is that you are healthy. I can't wait to see you, or at least hear you in less than 1 month!

We love you,
your Mama

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