Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No, I'm Not Just Fat..

I guess it is time to announce in blog-world that I'M PREGNANT!!! This is a dream of mine & I couldn't be happier! But honestly, it doesn't seem very real yet (other than the crazy feelings I have). I am sure when I go for my first ultrasound this will change! We are due in November..I am thinking somewhere around the 14th.

So..rewind a little....This little story begins back in December when we met with the High Risk OB group with a genetic counselor. This visit was basically to help us make the decision of a) wait until I am off of my medicine (6-MP)..which may be never or b) continue on and be in the best health possible, even if that means taking a medication. We looked at lots of studies with the counselor, looked at family trees for other risks and did a lot of research on our own. Ultimately, we decided that the risk of a flare of my UC off of my medication was much higher than the risk of medication. NOW..for those ultra-conservatives out there - if you look up 6MP and pregnancy on Google, you may find scary things. But remember, this drug was designed as a leukemia medication. However, I am at a lower dose than cancer patients are. Therefore, side effects, and hopefully, long term effects are fewer. In addition, quite reasonably, as long as I stay in remission, there is a good chance I may be on this medication for 15+ years which would take me right on out of a safe childbearing age.

The next step, once we had made our decision to go forward with pregnancy despite medication, was to decide when we would first try. We talked and talked and prayed and prayed and one day, it was just "ok, we're ready." Well, I'm glad we were really ready, because the first month we tried, it worked!

So, we found out when I was 5 weeks and I am now 7.5 weeks. We have told my family, friends, & coworkers. This was very exciting news for us & despite some people saying you should wait until the end of the first trimester to share your good news, Kyle and I did not agree. God forbid something happen, I want all the support I can get.

My pregnancy has been confirmed by urine & blood tests and my first ultrasound is scheduled for 9am April 6th. Luckily, my mom & Nanny will be in town so they will get to come along!! I hope they will allow 3 extra people (Kyle plus the 2 of them) in the room with me. I realize that this is not a "fun" ultrasound, but I don't care. Ultimately, I want them to see Baby Settle's heart beating!!!

As for how I am feeling, I am actually feeling quite good. I have not had any vomiting {knock on wood} but I have had a good bit of dizziness and some mild nausea. The dizziness is not really relieved by drinking water, as I seem to be guzzling down several bottles at work without avail. However, I was better today because I made sure I sat down at work when possible and this seemed to help. I also feel like a crazy person, more often in the evening. Last night, for example, I went to the office and saw patients, went to the hospital to make rounds, ran by the grocery store to get food for the week, and went to my Relay for Life meeting. I got home at 8:15pm and by that time all I wanted to do was cry & sleep. Kyle kept saying, "do you want soup?" no. "do you want wings?" no. "do you want pizza bites?" no. "do you want yogurt?" no. "do you want Thin Mint girl scout cookies?" NO. "do you like saying no?" YES. So, with that, I ate a few bites of hash browns, half a bag of low-fat kettle corn, and went to bed. Basically, I've decided it is not a safe or good idea for me to go from noon to 8pm without eating because I become a grumpy, nauseous, dizzy, tearful person that even I do not like!! :)

I will be sure to post as I have updates or as I buy things either for the nursery, baby, etc. I have been going online "window" shopping like crazy picking out cribs I like, strollers I like, bedding I like, etc. Now if only I knew if it were a boy or girl. And yes, we will be finding out in June or July.

In non-baby news, I visited my sister, Katy, & brother-in-law, Stephen,in Atlanta this weekend. I got to meet my canine nephew, Tillman, as well! He is such a sweet boy (black lab puppy) but he has the sharpest little teeth in this world. Tillman, Katy, and Stephen are coming up for Easter and Bowen will have a ball with his new cousin!!!

...and now, for a letter to baby.

Baby Settle,
Your daddy & I are so very excited about you. This week, you are the size of my pinky's fingernail. I keep thinking that I'm not sure how you are already so powerful that you are making me feel crazy, but I guess you have a little help from my raging hormones. We can't wait to see your picture in 2 weeks. Keep safe in there!!

We love you so much already,
Mama & Daddy.

Love yall, Jen


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you and Kyle!! Baby Settle(boy or girl),love you a whole bunch already!! Can't wait to hold you close in my arms!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to research your meds or study the pros and cons... I trust your & Kyle's decisions so I am just going to rejoice in the days till this wonderful new blessing arrives! I know ya'll are lifted in prayer by many every single day and I know the power of prayer!!! So, I am going to impatiently wait for some rocking chair time with my new great niece or nephew. I rocked Rhino until his feet drug the ground and his Daddy made too much fun of us!I love rocking chair time! So, as baby Settle sees that I ROCK and I'm GREAT aunt Jody life will be good for me!!! CONGRATULATIONS Again!!!! Love ya'll

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jen and Kyle! Can't wait to hold my sweet little niece or nephew!
Love, Aunt Katy :)