Friday, March 5, 2010

East of Charlotte and Straight on 'til Morning...

Today, after work, we venture to Pinebluff, NC where our hotel will be for this weekend expedition. Bowen's test has quickly approached & Sunday is THE day! Kyle said last night that it will be some sort of miracle if Bowen passes since we have had a whirlwind of a year. We got bowen in April 2009 and in May, I was put in the hospital for 3 weeks so his training was put on halt. Then, Kyle started back in the summer and then Kyle got put on a job working 60+ hours per week and in October he went to China for 2 months. Kyle started back again to have his appendectomy 1 week before the big test. I think Bowen will pass with flying colors, but I guess I'm biased of his abilities :) {spoken like a true mom} The actual test is in Hoffman, NC. This place has a census of approx. 620 people with 210+ households. WHAT? Maybe it will be a nice break from the chaos of life. I hope so, because ultimately I think we both need it. I am sure to see lots of beautiful hunting dogs, and on this trip, I will actually remember my camera. I already put it in the car just to be super extra sure. I have already gotten some pretty pictures of Bowen doing his thing with the quail in our pasture, but I can't wait to get some more action shots. And maybe he'll meet a new friend or two!!

As for the update on Kyle, he went back to work on Wednesday. He left at about 3:30pm and yesterday stayed until 4:30pm. He's pretty sore and personally I don't think I would be participating in as much activity as he is at this point, but I guess that's because he has the Y chromosome?? Just wondering.

I will bring my computer and if we have internet at this place, I will try to update!

Love, Jen

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Frank said...

I'll have to say I'm pretty offended about the Y chromosome comment. Was that necessary?