Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back to life as we know it..

I stayed home Monday to care for my husband. He got discharged from the hospital at about 9:30am and we were OH SO HAPPY! He came home, watched a movie, and both of us took much needed naps. I went to my dentist appointment & then we ate at his parent's house before watching the bachelor. {grr, that's another topic for another post} I'm already looking forward to the next bachelorette!

Yesterday, I went on to work since Kyle insisted that he would be OK and we ended up closing the office early because of the snow. It was a nice surprise to spend the rest of the afternoon with my quickly improving husband. He was getting around well, even going up and down the stairs with ease. So, today, Kyle went back to work. Yes...3 days post-op. He impresses me. He refused to fill the prescription that they gave him for Lortab and has only used occasional Tylenol/IB. Impressive, again. His 3 scars are looking awesome as well!

I just wanted to take the time from our back-to-normal, busy lives to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who took a moment from their own routines over the last several days to think of us, call us, or pray for us. We did feel loved in those hours of chaos within the walls of a hospital...a different hospital than I was in, but nonetheless one that we hoped we wouldn't have to see...ever. BUT, the nurses, doctors, and surgeon were great. They took great care of Kyle..and me. And our family and friends were genuinely concerned. Kyle's mom kept me company & family and friends stopped in to check on us frequently.

So, again, thank you.

On a seperate note, please check out this blog post from the blog "Marriage to Motherhood." It is a different way to look at my previous post, "It's All a Choice." I love the suggestion to change "I have to" to "I get to." She is a great writer, and it's highly suggested reading!! :)

Love, Jen

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