Sunday, February 28, 2010

Slow but sure.

Kyle is doing MUCH better tonight. When the doctor came by earlier, he was able to push on Kyle's belly and it was "tender" but nothing like last night. He has gotten up twice to take laps around the nurses' station. He now gets up on his own to go the bathroom after a threat of needing to place a catheter if he didn't. He ate some chicken broth and creamy chicken soup and so far so good with that. Small steps are good steps! He is still catnapping frequently but hasn't taken any pain or nausea medicine since early in the afternoon. We are very thankful that this was caught and acted upon quickly. He will go home tomorrow, sometime after the surgeon comes and lays eyes on him.

I have gotten 2.5 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours so I am most definitely looking forward to a decent night's sleep tonight. I realize there is no such thing in a hospital room, but there is a window seat/bed that is long enough for me to stretch out on and I brought a blanket and pillow from home and I am being optimistic!! I have cancelled my patients for tomorrow so that I can take care of my Kylie.

I'll post again with any other interesting or fun things that come our way!
Love, Jen

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