Sunday, February 28, 2010

He Wasn't Pregnant...

First of all...see my previous post from earlier this AM.

Even though Kyle's excuses for his stomach pains were mainly gas, unexplained pregnancy, PMS, etc, it turns out he was WRONG. He has appendicitis. It's official. The CT showed it and his white blood cells are up. Poor guy is on his second round of morphine and we're waiting to hear from the surgeon. Kyle's mom is on her way. I can't wait to at least get a recliner chair when he's formally admitted to a floor room. My butt is flatter than a pancake from this terrible chair and when I tried to stretch my legs by walking to our room's door, I got fussed at by the insanely mean unit secretary to stay within the confines of my room. {hissss} Someone doesn't act their best at 3:30am.....

Continuing to smile & coveting yall's thoughts & prayers!

Love, Jen

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