Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend in a Nutshell

Happy Birthday Julie!!
Someone the other day, who shall remain anonymous, said to me, "you know that you're really lucky to get along with your mother-in-law, right?" The answer, a resounding YES. Not that I think she, in particular has the capability to make my life miserable (since she's too nice to do anything of the sort) but I think life would naturally be a little off kilter if I didn't have my "SC mom" to lean on when times got tough. So thanks for all that you do as my 2nd mom & we all love you!! We are taking her to Blue Fin for her birthday meal tonight & I am super excited to try their lobster ravioli.

In other news, Wicked was great! Kyle and I both enjoyed it lots. I absolutely love the music & makes me wish that I was a singer. Elphaba was one of the Broadway actresses and GAlinda definitely took that role and made it her own. I thought maybe she was a little too silly during the first half but her voice and talent came through well during the 2nd half. Before we went to Wicked, Kyle took me to Saskatoon's (a lodge-dining experience) and Kyle tried Kangaroo! He's without a doubt much more adventurous than me. I stuck to salmon. But it was delicious and overall our date night was quite the success!

This weekend was such a whirlwind. Clay came home from the Citadel and Ashley came down from up north. Weekends spent trying to see everyone and do lots always go by so quickly. Quick recap of events: Ashley asked me to be in Ryan and her wedding. (and of course I said yes!) I saw Dear John - great movie, crappy ending. Our Relay for Life Little Miss/Little Mr Pageant was a great success! I lost big time in a Mario Kart Wii tournament held between Clay, Kelsea, Kyle, and myself. I WILL one day learn to steer without my entire body being involved..one day..maybe. The Saints won the Super Bowl!! yay. I like to cheer for the underdog when in reality it doesn't matter who wins.

In other family news, I have a new nephew!!!! Katy & Stephen picked up their new bundle of joy this weekend - an active black lab puppy that they have named Tillman (after the clock tower at Clemson of course!) The other puppy in the picture is Tillman's brother who is now Katy & Stephen's friend's puppy. The brothers will grow up together..what a happy ending. Tillman currently weighs approximately 16 pounds and is only almost 9 weeks old! They've got a big boy on their hands!!
Lastly, I've found a new obsession. Trollbeads. It's similar to the Pandora bracelet but the "newer" thing. I have the bracelet and clasp, and now all I think about is collecting the beads for it. I've already started a wish list at the store nearby that sells them...{Get some self-control Jen, seriously.} As I get beads, I'll post pictures of them so you can see it come together! For those unaware, it's sort of a modern version of a charm bracelet. It's not dangly like charms though.
The picture below is an example of someone's bracelet showing that all colors and types of beads can look good together. Some beads have meanings that the company has attached to them and it is easy enough for you to personally attach meaning or significance to each bead as you collect it. My first "want" is the heartbeat bead. It looks like EKG paper with a heart rhythm on it. It is the first medical bead they've come out with and it's only $23. I don't think I'll be able to resist buying it for long...especially after I found out that it is part of their Valentine's 2010 collection and I can't guarantee that they'll have it for long!

That's all for now. I'm headed to Charleston this weekend to see Clay, go to the Ducks Unlimited banquet, and see the Wildlife expo (with dock-dog competition and all)!!!!! I really am super excited. Pictures will come when I get back!

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