Sunday, February 28, 2010


I apologize for the title, but let me explain some recent events. So, the church that we are members at (Inman First Baptist, aka IFBC) decided to buy a school bus, load it with rice, beans, hygiene products, sandals, etc and drive it down to Florida to be shipped to Haiti. Well, Randy (Kyle's father) was one of the men to drive the bus down. Once the men arrived safely in West Palm Beach, they delivered the bus, and headed to Ft. Lauderdale to fly home. Well, in the Ft. Lauderdale airport, Randy was getting ready to go through security. When he bent over, he "pooted" {because he ate trash on a bus for 16 hours} and there was a lady behind him bending over simultaneously taking her shoes off. Well, she lets out a loud "mannnn, my feet stink." All i can say about that is OMG. Lady, you are oblivious. Fast forward: Randy gets home and calls his aunt. She fusses at him for pooting in front of a woman. She tells him he needs to start taking Gas-X. haha.

Fast forward again: Kyle starts mentioning that "something doesn't feel right with his stomach." I think nothing of it. We have several good laughs that Kyle needs Gas-X. He continues to say that he has terrible gas, but he can't get it out! He takes 3 Gas-X to no avail. We go home and he is in significantly more pain by this point. He lays in bed while I ask, "where exactly does it hurt?" His reply: "the right lower part" Me: "Do you think it's appendicitis?" Kyle: "Can you google the symptoms of that so I know?" So, I take his temperature now that my medical mind is churning...100.0, Kyle this is not just gas. Kyle: "Ok, let's go"

So here we sit in the Spartanburg Regional ER and the doctor kindly told us that Kyle may not be going home with all of his body parts. He likely has appendicitis, but they have to do a CT with contrast and they've drawn blood work that we are waiting on. Kyle also had to pee in a cup, much to his dismay. He said to the doctor, "Why do I have to do that? Are you giving me a pregnancy test?" Her reply: "If you are pregnant, that's a WHOLE 'nother problem and I would highly recommend marital counseling if that is the case." The doctor also asked Kyle "Do you think that you have appendicitis?" Kyle says again, "No, I think I just have gas." MD: "Gas does not give you a fever of 102.7." {Yes, the fever spiked 2.7 degrees in 2 hours...Kyle experienced violent chills in the waiting room and was getting some interesting stares} Kyle is now doped up on morphine & zofran and I can't wait to hear his next slew of funny comments.

Oh, and I'm super excited to be spending the night in a plastic chair, and I keep thinking how did my amazing husband do this with me for THREE WEEKS?!?!

Another update soon...or whenever we find out something new.
Love, Jen

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