Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fire, barbed wire, and trucks

His "pee feels like fire, throat feels like barbed wire, and body feels like he got hit by a truck." My poor hubs. BUT, the little booger that was causing his sharp tummy pains is gone..GOOD RIDDANCE. The surgeon said that his appendix was definitely inflamed. He said that Kyle's was the size of his index finger in diameter and it is supposed to be the size of a pencil. Whoops!

Kyle is still in and out of it thanks to pain medicine & he has only been able to sip water and apple juice. He has to be willing and able to eat and hold it down before they'll let him go home. The surgeon said he would be by the room this afternoon to check on him and make a decision regarding if he'll go home tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for the phone calls, prayers, and positive thoughts!
Love, Jen

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