Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Charleston..True Southern Comfort

New Bead:
This bead is for the Charleston pineapple fountain. Charleston will always hold special meaning for Kyle & I since he went to school there and it is one of our favorite weekend getaways! This bead is from Pandora, which has a similar bracelet to Trollbeads. You can put the Pandora beads on a Trollbead bracelet without a problem. I also got a bead from Brighton that says "Live Laugh Love Dream" around it. I am still waiting on my heartbeat bead to come in, but my next desire is some colored beads. I need to add some wow factor to the bracelet! haha...slow but steady, I'll fill up the bracelet.

This weekend was absolutely awesome. Kyle & I headed down to Charleston after work Friday and it snowed all the way there!!!! Well, really, the snow turned to rain 30 minutes above Charleston while we were driving, but starting at about 7pm, snow fell in Charleston as well. We got about 4 inches down there but it was gone by 10am the next day. By Sunday, the temps were back up in the mid-50s. I love the south!! :)

Our agenda was:
Friday night - Ducks Unlimited Banquet: great event, but COLD & snowy.
Saturday - Southeastern Wildlife Expo, to include dock dog competitions! LOVED seeing all the dogs. Mostly labs and boykins, but also saw some weimeraners & pointers. I probably petted every pointer there!! Can't help that I'm biased & love my GSPs! We also picked up Clay on Saturday, got my new car a Citadel sticker from the gift shop, ate, and saw Avatar 3D!
Sunday - took it easy all morning - Happy Valentine's Day! Went back to the expo for a little bit, went to tanger briefly, then took Clayway back to school & headed home.

I somehow forgot to bring a camera, but this is what we watched a lot of:

I'm glad to be back home. We are going to try to bring Bowen next year. This summer will be time to train him on dock jumping....not that he doesn't already have that down, but there are some rules & regulations we have to make sure he follows.

And no post would be complete without at least a short Bowen update. His newest 3 things are:
a) he decided at Kyle's parents that he likes to sleep in the cat bed. yes, the SMALL cat bed (that lays on top of a dog house) as opposed to the 3 other dog beds that he has the option to choose from. I will post a picture of this asap
b) he is a sleeper. He takes after me. It is so hard when I'm getting ready in the AM to look over at his crate and see him still tucked under his covers curled tightly in a ball just blissfully sleeping away.
c) because of his sleep-loving ways, he is not exactly happy when I leave and it's time for him to go outside into "the elements." I open the front door and his tail tucks and he attempts to run back inside. I usually can woo him out with a pig ear and "cookie" but on occasion he has been putting up an extremely tough fight.

That's all for now. Another update soon with a picture of dear little Bowen in his newfound cat bed.

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