Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Anesthesia State of Mind...

Once they decided that Kyle needed surgery, everything happened very quickly. One of 2 surgeons came to his ER bay and talked to us about the procedure benefits/risks, etc and then we waited about 30 minutes max for transport. Julie and I followed Kyle to preop/OR holding area and within minutes he was answering his questions and given his happy juice via IV. Off he went with hugs & kisses and he came out great about 15 minutes ago. We went over to see him and his eyes were all rolled back. He's officially snowed! When he wakes up a little bit, he'll move to a room and either go home later today or tomorrow. The nurse doesn't expect him to wake all the way up right now since he didn't sleep at all before his surgery at 5:15am. Julie and I got special treatment while he was in surgery. They put us in an extra room with 2 recliners and a flat screen TV. Of course, we caught up on olympics reruns, so I am still running on zero sleep in the last 23 hours. Oh well, anything for my Kylie!

I'll update again when he's comfortable in his room.
Love, Jen

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