Friday, January 15, 2010

Is it a Skunk???

Life is back to routine. But, THAT'S OK! I like it that way. I love that Kyle is back on US Soil with me!

Update #1: We had a wonderful Christmas this year, celebrating with Kyle's parents & brothers the Monday before Christmas and we left Tuesday after work to head to Delaware to spend time with my side of the family. We went skiing at Elk Mountain & it was fabulous. There may have been 100 people on the slopes that day in total and we never had to wait in line at a ski lift. {Just the way my family likes it!} We then got to enjoy my mom, dad, sister & her husband, nanny (mom's mom), aunt fanny (nanny's sister), aunt, uncle, and cousin. Christmas was relaxing & I must have been a realllllly good girl this year, because Santa was good to me! I got Wii, Wii Fit/balance board, Wii Mario Kart, Wii Super Mario Brothers, and an extra remote & wheel, P90X (which was for Kyle & I), a beautiful red coat, a beautiful all-season/all-purpose platter, a sewing machine, an authentic wok & chinese cook book, money, candy, and lots of other goodies.

Update #2: P90X is changing our life. And no, this is not an infomercial. P90X is an extreme home fitness program designed for a minimum of 90 days... We have changed the way that we eat (which desperately needed change) and work out. P90X pushes you to your max, driving you to want to do better. Have we seen drastic weight loss? No. Have we seen increased energy levels? Yes. Do we feel better about ourselves? Yes. Are our pants fitting looser? Yes. So, overall, I feel like it's doing it's job. I definitely feel like we are increasing muscle and we all know muscle weighs more than fat, so even if I'm maintaining my weight right now, that's ok. I want to do this for the full 90 days and maybe I'll be brave enough to post my before & after pictures......that would be really courageous of me, so we'll see......

Update #3: Bowen is the best dog ever...still. He just absolutely cracks me up daily. When Kyle & I are working out, Bowen wants to participate. He especially likes jumping jacks and wants to jump on us every time we do them. Except last night was "YogaX" and we were down in child's pose and Bowen came to his daddy and laid his nasty, chewed up rawhide on Kyle's hands as if to say, enough with this with me!!!! It was amusing.

Update #4: My health hasn't been better in who knows how long. KNOCK ON WOOD, I have been sinus infection free for probably 3 weeks!!!! This is a miracle. I am due to get labs done on my immune system this week or next (and considering it's Friday already, that will be done next week). Hopefully, it shows that my counts are back where they belong and I won't have to get re-vaccinated for anything else. Enough shots, already!

Update #5: I learned quickly why I love South Carolina the other night. We had finished with P90X, and were watching some quality TV (American Idol) when Kyle hears his phone ring. He runs upstairs and answers it. Well, all I hear is Kyle belly laughing. I mean, it takes a lot for me to hear my husband outwardly just about to fall on the floor laughing. So, downstairs he comes saying that we HAVE to head to nene & papas house (his dad's parents who live next door to his parents). I ask why, and he says, "daddy caught something." So, off we ride on the less-than-one-mile drive to their house. Now, let me back up a moment. Randy has been wanting to catch a rabbit. Why, you ask? He wants to make rabbit stew..ew, I know. But nonetheless, he puts out this homemade contraption to catch the rabbit. So, fast forward to when we get over there. Randy is convinced that he has caught a skunk. For obvious reasons, he is unsure if he wants to let this rascal out. Well, Kyle opens up the top of the trap and sees an enormous possum head looking out at us. AH! Kyle eventually lets the thing out and proceeds to chase it around the yard with a flashlight. Now, Randy, at this point is looking sideways, talking to his mom or dad, who are sitting in the house. Well, Kyle whispers to me, "watch this." He chases the possum back to where Randy is standing and the darned thing crawls in between Randy's feet. I thought there was a girl screaming! haha, I would have done worse than him but he hopped about 3 feet in the air and stepped away from it. Moral of the story: PAY ATTENTION IF MY HUSBAND IS PLAYING WITH WILD CRITTERS. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard...I will post a picture of the possum as soon as I download it off my camera.

Love, Jen

PS- I hope to do better posting more frequently. I know, I'm a slacker.

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Gotta love small town South Carolina.