Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can I even contain myself?!?!?

(picture from Alabama with my flower girls/cousins, Lia and Julia!)

KYLE IS COMING HOME IN JUST OVER ONE WEEK!!!!! Holy moley, never thought this day would come. I think Kyle & I are equally excited about this reunion. He's sort of over missing everything Christmas-related and being over there by himself. I'm over pretending like it's ok that I'm alone. Bowen is over not having his daddy to go hunting with. We're just all ready to be back together again!

In the meantime, I have gotten the house decorated. I have gotten the majority of Kyle's presents wrapped and a few others done as well. I still have a few items to purchase but I have been taking it sort of slow this year, trying to enjoy all of it.

This past Sunday, we did our "God Speaking" Christmas musical at church. It was awesome. Even though I'm in the choir, and we had listened to and practiced all of the songs approximately 2308764 times, it still took me a little off guard at how incredibly pretty the music was and how much it got me in the mood for Christmas. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle, we forget what this is all about & I'm glad doing the music helped to remind me.

This week, I'm going to eat with a couple of choir girls (tomorrow) since we have a break from choir practice. Friday night, after work, I'm going to sushi with Katie Walker!! So excited to see her again. I don't make nearly enough time for her & I'm not sure why...we have such a good time together at all times! Thennn, on Sunday, my coworkers and I are throwing a Christmas-themed wedding shower for Allison, one of our nurses! She gets married in April & I couldn't be more excited that we have gotten to know each other not just as coworkers, but as friends. With her being a Clemson nursing grad & her fiance, Chad GILBERT, being an engineer, it's safe to say we have lots in common!!!

Well, I'll update again soon I'm sure. Maybe this weekend..OR, maybe once Kyle gets home!!!!!!!!! Do you think I will be able to contain this excitement?!?! Only one more weekend without him! Please join me in starting to pray for no snow or bad weather in Chicago since that's where he picks up his connecting flight to come HOME!!!

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