Sunday, November 22, 2009

story time..

Here is the first installment of a classic story from China, thanks to my one & only:

1) Kyle unfortunately flipped a 4 wheeler onto his back/neck/head the afternoon before leaving for China. He was clearly sore from that incident & had to fly for 15 hours and he got increasingly more stiff. Soooo, about a week after getting to China and not being able to stretch out the soreness, he went to the conceirge at his hotel and asked for a recommendation for a classy massage place. He went, paid a reasonable fee, and asked for a 60 minute massage. He said it was great...until......wait for it......she says to him, "massage ______ for tip?" fill in the blank, you're probably right...i'm not sure he could run from her fast enough.......

2) He wanted a hair cut. He was slightly anxious of what kind of hair cuts they may give him. Anyway, again, to the conceirge he went. They recommended a place called "Mod Baby." This made him even more anxious. But he listened and off he went one Saturday. He found the place and the workers spoke hardly any English. They knew "haircut" and "shampoo." So, Kyle says to the guy "how much is a haircut?" They didn't understand....he pulls out his wallet and again says "how much?" He points to a price board of anything from 20 RMB ($3) to 2000 RMB (almost $300). Kyle is secretly wondering what in the world he could possibly say incorrectly that would end up getting him a 300 dollar haircut.....The man asks kyle "shampoo?" Kyle says yes and he then sends him over to uniformed women who proceed to massage his head/neck/shoulders for 30 minutes with hot oil and shampoo his hair. This cost him 30 RMB ($4.41). This original man than brings Kyle to a hair cutting station and says "sit" to Kyle. Kyle sits (obedient isn't he?!). The man points to the sides of kyle's hair as if to ask, "cut these too?" Kyle nods yes. The man takes a comb and starts brushing kyle's hair wrong. Kyle says no and takes the comb from the man and shows him the proper way to brush his hair. The man says "yesss" as if he just had a lightbulb go off over his head. Kyle said the man just went to work cutting and combing his hair for 30 minutes. Miraculously, kyle LOVED his haircut! Nothing new or exciting, just how kyle likes it! This 30 minute hair cut cost him 40 RMB ($5.88). Kyle said proudly that he will be getting a 60 minute massage & haircut weekly for the bargain price of 70 RMB ($10.29)...He gave the man 100 RMB (30 RMB for tip) and Kyle said that the man was just beside himself with excitement. How sad that $4 can make a man's day!

All in all, I am so proud of Kyle for venturing out and making the most of his 2 month adventure!! He really has grown in so many ways! I will continue to post the funny stories as I remember them.

Love, Jen

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