Sunday, November 1, 2009

fall is here!

Wow! The fall temperatures are here..time to get out the sweaters, wool pants, and sweatsuits!! First, yesterday's Clemson homecoming was a success! rained, but that's the only bad news about yesterday. We played Coastal Carolina, whom we had to pay to get to come, but we did beat them 49-3. Stupid field goal..I think we all wanted a shutout. Oh well, we had good food (candy), friends, and fun! Can't wait til next year. Ohh, and we did see pumpkins made into Clemson helmets. yess.

For Halloween, Bowen dressed up..much to his dismay. But isn't he the cutest moo-cow you have ever seen??

Last night, thanks to the "fall back" I successfully slept for 14 hours and still got up at "8:45am." Hallelujah, I think I'm caught up on sleep!

Today, I went and took pictures of the food plot that Kyle planted over at "our future farm" and of course, Bowen, my sidekick, had to ride with me. Besides his tennis ball, I think rides in the car/golf cart/4 wheeler/gator are his favorite!!!

Also, I know that I have told most of you already about this. But for those who I have not and for those that need updating, our friends, Liz & Trey Greene (Liz went to nursing school with me and Trey went to the Citadel with Kyle..both 1 year older than us) have an absolutely beautiful little girl named Wesleigh Anne. She is incredibly sick right now, in the ICU, on the ventilator, etc etc. They are preparing to say goodbye to their sweet baby tomorrow. Please keep them constantly in your thoughts & prayers. I can't even begin to imagine what they will go many emotions. The best thing about all of this, is that one day, they will see each other again and she will be SO healthy & happy, with no tubes/lines/IVs coming out of her. Oh, what a sight that will be!!! Like I said...please, I am begging you to just keep them in your minds in every way possible.

Sorry that this post represented my ADD/ADHD so was kind of all over the place.

Love, Jen

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