Sunday, October 18, 2009

the alarm system.

So, we got the news. Supposedly, Kyle leaves Thursday at 6:22am for Shanghai.. I know I should be beyond prepared but I am not. Let's just say I will be counting down the days until his return. On a positive note, I have quite the guard dog that will be keeping me company in the meantime. We had a conversation at lunch today about how he would not hesitate to tear someone to pieces if that meant it would keep me safe. I love him for that.

{Pause for funny story}...a man came to my door one day while I was out for work after being in the hospital and he rung my doorbell. I creeped to the front door and looked out the window to peek at who it was. I saw this friendly looking man and across the street, my neighbor was in the front yard. Had my neighbor not been out there, my door would have remained locked and shut. But, I open my door and not knowing that Bowen had followed me upstairs, he runs out the front door barking his little head off at this man who is running over to the driveway by this point. I called Bowen back to me and the man quietly says, "Hi, my name is ___ and I am in the neighborhood because your neighbors have chosen to install a security system. If you choose to install one this week, we could give you a wonderful discount.." I looked at him with eyes that probably told him he was crazy and thought to myself..."mr., you just met my security system." I kindly told him no thank you and away he went without question."

Anyway, moral of the story..don't even attempt to mess with me while Kyle's gone beacause Bowen would be happy to mess with you first. :) hehe.

Katy comes tomorrow to stay the night & say bye to Kyle for about the 5th time now. I will post again soon.

Love, Jen

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