Monday, October 5, 2009

I feel like quite the yo-yo...

Kyle has been told approximately 15 times that he is going to China for 2-6 months. We first thought he was going September 25th, then October 9th, now we're not sure again...Sometime in the next 2 weeks, maybe? I keep coming to terms with it and crying my eyes out (to get it out of my system) just to find out, whoops! not leaving yet. Needless to say I'm frustrated...

Anyway, on a positive note..that's more time with him for me! Kyle & I went to Charleston this weekend and saw Clay. It was so fun being back in Chucktown without having to limit my time with Kyle because of Citadel activities. We went to the Citadel football game and it went into overtime with App State but we lost :( We also got to shop at the Tanger Outlets which was fun & a successful shopping trip to say the least!!

This weekend, Joe & Lydia are coming up from Alabama with the girls (Julia and Lia) and I can't wait. Kyle is really excited that he will get to see them because we thought he was leaving before they'd get here. I think Clay, Kyle, Julie, and I may take them to the apple farm to pick pumpkins and get apple cider/apple bread/apple cake, etc! YUM. I love that part of fall!!! Maybe I'll even carve a pumpkin this weekend. If so, I'll post pictures.

So far, so good with my tummy. No other changes since being off of my cyclosporine. I am still immunosuppressed and probably will stay that way, unfortunately. I am praying for an uneventful winter since the flu is in full swing and I have had my share of sick patients already.

Also, wanted to tell everyone to go see Laura Nicole Gifts ( I ordered a monogrammed badge reel for work and it is SO cute. I highly recommend her. She ships USPS priority, too! She currently has a giveaway going on, so click on that link and look for the giveaway!!! I think it's so generous of her to keep giving away these great, cute items from her store. Check it out.

Love yall, Jen

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Welcome back :-)