Friday, October 23, 2009

Follow This!

So, Kyle has made it safely to China! He is in awe of the size and differences between there and here. He said "NYC has nothing on this place." He was referring to the number/size of buildings as well as the number of people. He had an hour ride from the airport to the hotel and has a driver there, so he got a chance to really take it all in. I will try to update with funny stories and good pictures throughout his journey. I spoke to him this morning twice when he called me from his MagicJack phone to my cell phone. What wonderful things technology can do!

In fun news, I follow Lauren Nicole Gift's blog ( and enter her frequent drawings on a regular basis. This morning, when I could definitely have used a pick-me-up, I got an email saying that I had won a drawing!!! I won a BEAUTIFUL "Script Monogram Necklace in Fine Silver" ( I am thrilled... Today, she announced her next giveaway, which is a Vera Bradley umbrella and wristlet!! Definitely worth the 10 seconds that it takes to fill out her form. Also, I have ordered and received a blue giraffe badge reel with a hot pink "J" on it & I have gotten many compliments and comments on it. I highly recommend her shop since she has such great customer service and fast turnaround for custom goods!

Anyway, back to work I go. But, I wanted to let you know about this great blog. I highly recommend following it!

Love yall, Jen

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