Monday, October 12, 2009

Fear Conquered!

Yesterday, I conquered a fear. I sang in front of the church. 4 of us did solos and the choir as a whole sang the chorus of the song. It's a beautiful song, I must say! It's by Chris Tomlin and is called Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone). I am excited that I made it through without melting into the ground.

Also new in our world: We bought 10 acres of land and will hopefully build a house in the next couple of years. We took Bowen to play on it yesterday an
d he LOVED it.

We put a saddle on Sport, one of Julie's most mild mannered horses, for the very first time yesterday. I have been saying that I want to learn to ride really badly and we all agreed that he might be the best bet. So, we sort of expected him to freak out a little with the saddle on his back, but he did GREAT! If I work with him each day, maybe I'll ride him without anyone holding the halter soon.

Ashley, my friend from Delaware and now Rhino's girlfriend, was in town this weekend. Clay, Kyle's youngest brother, was also in town from the Citadel. Joe, Lydia, Lia, and Julia (Kyle's aunt/uncle/cousins) were also in town from Hoover, Alabama. Needless to say, we had a great time. We took the girls to Niven's Apple Farm and picked apples, pumpkins, saw farm animals, and got apple cider/apple fritters/apple bread. It was a successful trip!!. We also ate supper at Sidestreet and had the best pizza. Their pizza is not comparable to pretty much anything else I know. My personal favorite is their Pepper 'N Pesto pizza with white sauce, red peppers, pesto, feta cheese, and diced tomatoes. Mmmm.

Post again soon. Love, Jen

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