Saturday, September 26, 2009

Welcome Fall

Well, it is officially fall! The Harvest Day Festival was today and I got a beautiful wreath and quilt...not to mention lots of yummy festival food (kettle corn, bbq, and big ma's cha cha!). A lot of other good things have happened since my last post as well....

1) Katy walked down the aisle September 6th and it was beautiful!!! She was a gorgeous bride and I am excited to add another brother to my entourage. Mrs. Furr....that has a nice ring to it! :)

2) I went to UNC again September 11th and got to come off of cyclosporine. That leaves me on only 2 medicines! Isn't that amazing?? What wonderful news that was. My awesome daddy flew down and joined me at that visit.

3) Kyle is still here!! He was supposed to leave for China yesterday but it got delayed. We don't know at this point when he'll be leaving but maybe the next few weeks?

4) Relay for Life has kicked back up and that disease is still ruining way too many lives. Can't wait to see how much we can raise and how many lives we can positively impact this year! I will post my Relay website when it gets set up (probably late winter, early spring).

5) I have started reading a lot again..currently reading The Hour I First Believed far, really good!

....Well, I will try to post a picture of Katy's wedding soon.

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