Monday, August 24, 2009

And the saga continues...

Well, a lot has been going on even since I have gotten home, gotten my life back, and learned to live with UC. Within about a month of coming back to work (after flying on planes to and from Delaware), I got sick. That was no shock to anyone since I was on 3 serious immunosuppressants. I had a sinus infection and ear infection (seriously, what 24 year old gets ear infections at least once per year?!). After 2 weeks of Amoxicillin, I still wasn't better, so I got changed to Avelox, a much stronger antibiotic. I started clearing up but the nurse practitioner that had seen me for this said I needed to see an allergist since she thought allergies were playing a part in my getting sick. I went to see Dr. Greene, one of the nicest doctors ever, and he did 54 allergy tests on my back and 19 on my arm, and sort of to my surprise, I reacted to NOTHING. I have no allergies as of now. Well, something made him suspicious and now I am well under way for an immunodeficiency workup. It is pointing to Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) but we are not 100% sure yet. This just means that my immune system is lacking certain things (antibodies and particular cells) needed to fight viruses and other types of infections that make it more likely for me to get sick. Basically, I have to be extra careful about being around anyone who's sick...I have a GI appointment in Greenville tomorrow so I will be updating him on all of this.

Also, Bowen may have to have surgery to have a tooth pulled. I found that on Saturday and it just makes me upset that my little baby boy will have to get put to sleep for this. We're not even sure when he'll have the procedure but pray for his mommy...I need it! haha :)

That's all for now, I'll update more after my appt tomorrow.
Less than 2 weeks til Katy's big day!!!
Love, Jen

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