Monday, December 1, 2008

So thankful!

Well, it's been a while since I posted but I couldn't help but just enjoy the time that I was at home in Delaware with my family. The last time I was there it was such a whirlwind while I got ready for the wedding, got married, and then left. So, I was SO thankful to have the time to go up there and just relax with my parents and sister (and her fiance). Kyle and I left Tuesday night when he got off work at 8pm and drove through the night and arrived home at 4:30am - no traffic, no problems! Then, we napped for about 3 hours and got up and went to Philadelphia for the day. We enjoyed visiting the US Mint and got to see quarters and pennies being made. We also got some Hawaii quarters!!! :) We also went to the Reading Terminal and enjoyed a delicious lunch (altogether we got a sub, sushi, steak sandwich, soft pretzels, and an apple dumpling!) After we rolled ourselves out of there we went into the historic Macy's and the I.Goldberg's store where they have old army/navy gear. It was pretty cool! The next day was Thanksgiving and we got to enjoy a huge meal with Nanny and Aunt Fanny. It was so good to see them!! On Friday, we decided we would not be getting up at the crack of dawn so mom and I went to Christiana Mall for a little while around noon and it was insane and the sales weren't that impressive compared to the deep discounts the stores had already produced in the past we left after an hour. We got to visit with the Gibbs on Friday evening and it was so great to see them! They started volunteering at the hospital which I just think is so wonderful!!! Then, our family played pictionary and watched Wall-E that night. Both were great. Of course, THE GIRLS TEAM WON PICTIONARY!!!! hehe. Stephen, Kyle, and my Dad might tell you otherwise but we kicked their rear-ends. On Saturday, we got up, packed, then hit the road at 12. We hit all kinds of traffic and unlike our 8.5 hour trip up, we got back to SC at 11pm!

I really am so thankful for the time that I had with my family and it was very tough to leave them. We had a discussion about which feels like home, DE or SC. South Carolina really has become my home, but as I was getting ready to go to Delaware last week, I kept saying that "I was going home." So, all in all, I think DE will always be a part of me and I'm not sure I will ever stop saying that.

Yesterday, Kyle and I bought our Christmas tree and set it up and decorated it!!!! It felt kind of funny not doing it with my mommy (and katy with the tinsel) like we always do but I also loved being able to do it with my husband!! It looks gorgeous and Addy, our cat, is loving it. I keep catching her with her hind legs on the ground and front paws up in the tree investigating. Who wants to bet on when the tree will be on its side?? Just kidding, hopefully that will NOT happen. We also put out our other Christmas decorations and lit our Christmas candles and it officially feels like the holidays!!!!! :)

I decided to fly down to Florida for a few days to see my grandparents. I leave tomorrow morning and will stay there until Friday morning. My grandmom was in the hospital a few weeks back and I just decided that I really wanted to see them and go to her doctor's appointment on Thursday with her and grandpop. I'm so excited to see them and spend some quality time with them. Just pray for my flights to be safe and comfy :)

Alrighty, I'm off to clean up our decorating mess and do laundry and such to get Kyle ready for a week of me not being here!!!

Love yall,

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