Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It was 73 degrees today and my Grandmom says "it looks like winter"...ahh the life.

Well, I made it to Florida safely yesterday! My flights were delayed a little because of the ice, but thankfully, my flights were smooth and safe once we got going. My grandparents and I have been having a great time together. We have eaten plenty, my grandmom and I got manicures/pedicures today, and I took her shopping/grocery shopping. She said it felt good to get out of the house a little bit. Both of them look WONDERFUL and they are keeping themselves busy with lots of hobbies and activities.

We went last night to see a lecture at their clubhouse. I must admit I was not too terribly excited to go, but it was really great!! The speaker was Dr. Robert Watson, a professor, historian, and most well known for being a commentator for MANY news/tv interviews, especailly regarding politics. He was actually on TV right before going to the lecture, so that was ironic. He spoke about the election and what to expect out of Obama in the next few months. Despite your party affiliation, anyone could walk away feeling a glimmer of hope as to our nation's future in a time when hope is somewhat hard to come by. Obama won that election for many reasons, but he emphasized a few main things:

1) His personality. Nobody can say that they weren't captivated by his speeches. He was always optimistic, even if he sounded naive at times.

2) He is very even keel and takes plenty of time to make decisions.

3) He is surrounding himself with people who don't even agree with him!! Some of the greatest past presidents surrounded themselves with people who challenged the president's beliefs and ideas. The president doesn't always listen to the people contradicting him, but at least he'll hear different ideas/aspects.

Anyway, no matter if we voted Republican or Democrat in November, I think one thing we all have to remember is that we're all AMERICAN. We have to rally behind this president-elect and hope and pray that this country can make a turn-around.

Now, for a very important topic: Grey's Anatomy. Let's hope that after 2 weeks, we are not in for another episode of dead people coming back to haunt live people and interns getting no punishment for their craziness. As said in my grandmom's TV Guide, "Is it time to have Izzie committed? Or have her head examined? [...] 'Izzie would have had a talking to early on' says Dr. Michael J. Hart, who commands 19 Izzie-Cristina-Merediths as head of the surgical residency program at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, a private hospital not unlike Seattle Grace. 'Obviously it's dangerous for patient care if people are doing weird things. But there's a lot you'd be concerned about. I mean, I've actually said to my residents that if they ever behave like the residents on Grey's, that would be grounds for firing.'"

..............................So there you have it. Time to make a few changes, people.

Well, we have Grandmom's doctor's appointment tomorrow, and I also hope to go see Uncle Seymour (Grandmom's brother-in-law) who is in the hospital in Miami with pneumonia if our day is not too crazy.

Love to everyone,

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