Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well, I don't have anything too interesting to write about today. As I told Randy and Julie tonight, today I took a "vacation from my vacation." I woke up to see Kyle off to work and he left at 7am and I never fell back asleep which was weird but I decided to just stay curled up in bed and read/watch tv until NOON! Go ahead, call me lazy..but just wait, it gets better. So, I knew today I had to go to Greenville Hospital to get my 2nd TB test read and I decided to stop in at Kyle's work while in Greenville to see him again (I will get into why in a minute) and he had decided to leave early! BOO. So, I went on, got my negative test read, and went back home. That is when the laziness multiplied. I crawled back into bed, watched more TV, read my book, napped, and read some more. Then, I decided I to get out of bed, so I took a bath and read my book some more. Then, I went over to watch Grey's Anatomy with Julie and we had a little "pajama party" as Randy called it when he walked in. So, that's my day in a nutshell and I am going to make an attempt at being much more productive tomorrow! And in case you're interested, I am reading The Longest Trip Home by John Grogan. This is the prequel to one of my favorite books Marley and Me. I highly recommend both - make sure you read Marley and Me before this Christmas, as they are coming out with a movie and the book is HARD TO BEAT!!!

Ok, so moving onto the reason for me stopping at Kyle's work to see him.....He was invited by his good friend Dave to go to Arkansas on a duck hunting trip. Now, if you know Kyle this just got him sooo excited! So, Dave and him left today around lunchtime and drove to Arkansas (they should just be getting there now). Dave's friend, Chad, has some property down there and just the other day, on their farm, they saw approx 7,000 ducks in one place!!!!!!!! 7,000??? That is beyond my imagination. Wow. So, Kyle will be completely & totally enjoying his outdoor man weekend in Arkansas and will return late, late Sunday night. I will definitely miss him while he is gone!! I even told him "I love you & miss you" before he even left this morning. He probably thinks I'm crazy but that's ok.

A quick update on little miss Kayleigh: they just found out tonight that she has a urinary tract infection and I just hope and pray that that is the reason for this huge setback. She was put on the ventilator today because she was having so many difficulties. I hope that with the antibiotics they put her on, she will recover quickly.

Next, I would like to say this:

Dear Grey's Anatomy,

Your show is getting entirely too strange for me. Dead people that you can touch, kiss, and even make love to? I am baffled. And who, in their right mind, would EVER dream of allowing someone to take out their appendix "just for fun?!" And who, in their right mind, would take someone up on that offer?! I mean really. Please, show writers, get your show back on the right track....and pronto.

Sincerely, Jen

Ok, I think that's all for today. Yay for Clay coming home tomorrow!! I'm sure he is very excited to regain his freedom (wear normal clothes, eat/sleep whenever he wants and however often he wants, etc), even if only for a week.

Love yall, Jen

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